How to choose stayler for hair

How to choose stayler for hair

Each woman wishes that her hairstyle always looked beautifully and accurately. During creation of hairstyle the most various purposes are set. Someone just wants to give volume, someone wishes large curls, playful curlies or just straight hair. The stayler copes with all these tasks easily in house conditions. It is correct to choose the main thing that which is suitable for your purposes.


  1. When choosing stayler, pay attention to the nozzles which are included in the package. The most widespread: shaped brush (gives the volume and large waves); nippers of the different sizes (create curls); the heating hand (gives splendor); iron (for straightening) and others. There are devices which contain brushes with the cleaning-up teeth that allows to avoid complication of hair. The stayler with the greatest number of nozzles that it was possible to create various hairstyles is better to choose.
  2. It is desirable that the stayler had separate adjustments of temperature and air flows. Also choose the device with the mode of cold blowing, it does hairs shiny and less fragile. For owners of fine and dry hair, it is necessary to choose stayler who has the sparing mode.
  3. The choice of stayler is huge, but it is better to give preference to models with ceramic covering. They evenly distribute heat on the surface of hair.
  4. Ionization function availability is also important. It reduces sputyvaniye, completely saves hair from static electricity, doing them soft, smooth and brilliant.
  5. Choosing stayler it is necessary to pay attention to cord. It is desirable that there was special fastening of cord allowing it to rotate in fastening point by 360 degrees. It will allow to avoid twisting and to prolong device service life. Very long (it is more than 2 meters) the cord will be confused, and too short (less than a meter) will not allow to depart from the socket.
  6. On sale there are wireless stayler. They perfectly will be suitable for those who often are on trips. Such devices work on gas sprays. One ballochik lasts for 300 minutes of use.
  7. Choose stayler with the autoshutdown mode in 30 or 60 minutes. It is desirable that in set there was cover in which it is possible to put the hot device.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team