How to choose sterilizer for manicure tools

How to choose sterilizer for manicure tools

Sterilization of manicure tools is body of the general processing. This procedure is especially important for beauty shops and the manicurists working at home, using tools for work with different clients. For disinfection of manicure accessories (tools) use sterilizers and the chemical processing liquids.

Ways of processing of manicure tools

Earlier for processing of medical, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser's and cosmetology accessories used alcohol and long boiling. Today it is possible to allocate two ways of sterilization of tools: processing by UV rays and heat treatment.

It is worth noticing that in certain cases tools before placing them in the sterilizing box, it is necessary to disinfect. For this purpose use liquid chemical solutions. It is necessary to use such means rather carefully, observing the instruction for application. The wrong use of sanitizers can cause corrosion of metal and lead to damage of the tool.

Thermal sterilization

It is possible to refer use of sukhozharochny case and thermal sterilizer with quartz balls to temperature way of processing. Dry-heat case — the most widespread way of processing of manicure and pedicure accessories. Tools are processed at temperature of 200 — 260 degrees Celsius within 30 — 120 minutes. Time of processing is chosen depending on temperature and model of case. The case is equipped with the timer, the thermometer and the temperature regulator. Also carry temperature ball sterilizers to this way of processing or as they are called still — glasperelenovy. Their principle of action is based on use of quartz balls which at the switched-on device heat up to 250 degrees Celsius. Processing of tools takes only 5 — 20 seconds. Such sterilizers much of the smaller sizes also cost cheaper, than dry-heat cases. Thanks to fast processing, several masters at the same time can use it. However the constant placing of tools in quartz leads to their fast zatupleniye that does not occur in sukhozhara.

Ultra-violet sterilizers

The principle of operation of such device is based on use of UV rays. Time of disinfection of each side of tools takes about 15 — 20 minutes, i.e. on full processing of one batch of tools about 40 minutes will be required. Such way of sterilization does not zatuplyat tools and allows to disinfect the devices which are afraid of high temperatures. UF sterilizers are the safest at operation and cost much cheaper, than devices of heat treatment. They are suitable for disinfection of any manicure, pedicure and hairdresser's tools. Choosing sterilizer for manicure tools, it is necessary to define the most important functions. Someone priority considers quality of processing of tools, and someone chooses the speed or usability of the device.

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