How to choose stylish hair accessories

How to choose stylish hair accessories

Accessories supplement female image and serve as final stroke during its creation. Correctly chosen hairpins, bandages, crests and rims are capable to make the woman more attractive, to emphasize its advantages and also to give additional lines: coquetry, severity, mysteriousness and so forth.


  1. Consider features of your hair, hairstyles and hairstyles when choosing accessories. For example, the easiest to subdue unruly hair by means of wide elastic bandage. Short hair can be supplemented with rims, and long, laid in high hairstyle – elegantly decorated crests and hairpins.
  2. Remember that hair accessories can hide or, on the contrary, emphasize merits and demerits of the person. So, if you have too high forehead, get original, not too strict decorative bandage and you carry it lower than the level of growth of hair. Full-faced girls should get the thin lead complemented with decorative element (for example, flower) and to carry it at the level of growth of hair, slightly raising up and fixing side locks. Thin girls of low growth should give preference to small hair accessories without large elements.
  3. Pay attention to fashion trends. Though such accessories as bandages, hairpins, rims, crests and so forth seldom get out of fashion, features of their registration can change every season. Popular can be accessories with rhinestones or fur, with original ornaments, flowers and so forth. The ethnic or executed semi-antique jewelry can be also very interesting. Choosing suitable option, consider also own preferences.
  4. Think to what dresses and for what cases you select accessory. Ornament for hair can be both strict, and magnificent. At office, functional and at the same time stylish bandages, rims and hairpins of reserved tones, without excess jewelry will be appropriate. For walks it is possible to prefer brighter and original accessories, and for parties – fashionable crests, hairpins, hairpins and so forth, the furs decorated by rhinestones, feathers, pieces and other elements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team