How to choose suitable aroma: as appearance and to character

How to choose suitable aroma: as appearance and to character

Integral part of female image are spirits. They supplement it as well as good shoes or beautiful hairstyle. But to find the, unique aroma, not so simply, there is presently huge number of compositions and producers among which it is very easy to get lost. There are no strict rules of the choice, but nevertheless adhering to some criteria better.

The first what it is worth being based when choosing ideal aroma on – appearance type:

  • Fair-haired girls with gentle skin and also to most of young persons will suit light, air aromas with flower notes.
  • Brunettes with swarty or average tone skin will suit smells with spicy and sweetish shades of east spices.
  • Tart spirits are ideal for mature ladies.
  • Girls with east appearance should choose bright and sensual aromas with exotic notes.
  • Classical spirits suit all, but first of all – to owners of fair or light brown hair with light skin. It is impossible to call these aromas boring – they are various and universal, they can be combined both with strict suits, and with elegant and womanly evening dresses. Besides, classics never gets out of fashion, and these aromas always remain relevant.

One more point by which it is worth being guided when choosing ideal aroma – character of its owner:

  • Romantic and pensive persons can safely choose light aromas, sweetish and flower smells. It will only emphasize young charm and purity. 
  • Wood notes and also aromas of cinnamon and musk, and other tart shades will suit mysterious and reserved girls. 
  • Citrus, sea and other "active" aromas will suit optimistic and open natures which are ready not only to adventures, but also to all new.
  • For girls more courageous, scandalous and bright, aromas "unisex" and also fruits of rich imagination of perfumers – smells of coffee, watermelons, exotic fruit and so on will approach.

Also important criterion is season. In the spring flower and vegetable aromas, in the flying – citrus and sea notes, and in the winter – cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate are popular. It is important that in cold season the smells are almost imperceptible so it is possible not to worry about excessive persistence of aroma.

There is myth that the ideal aroma has to accompany the owner always. The main thing what it is necessary to remember – you should not stop on one option on for the rest of the life. Spirits or toilet water can be selected according to emotional state, season, age and so on. Just it is important to be in harmony with the aroma. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team