How to choose suitable gel for washing

How to choose suitable gel for washing

In order that skin was beautiful and healthy, it needs to be cleaned daily. It is insufficiently simple to rinse face with water. It is necessary to wash by means of special gel, and the appearance of the woman in many respects depends on its choice.


1. To pick up suitable gel for washing, first of all define type of your skin. On the label of each cosmetic it is specified for what type it is intended. The softest means suitable even to dry skin – gel-mousse. With its help it is possible to remove make-up and also to delicately remove pollution. It is necessary to use mousse daily in the morning and in the evening. Normal skin is recommended to be cleaned with cosmetics on the basis of soap root. They effectively delete pollution, without irritating and without overdrying skin.

2. If you need deep cleansing, choose gel srub. The intensity of its impact on skin is estimated by quantitative contents in it abrasive particles. If in gel there is not a lot of them, then it will clean rather gently face skin. Such means for washing perfectly will be suitable for daily use. For intensive processing of skin buy gel with high content of abrasive. But do not use it more often than one-two times a week. However if your skin is inclined to appearance of pimples or any other irritations, then gel srub does not suit it.

3. Before purchase of means for washing study the label. Pay attention to ingredients which are its part. Do not buy gel which contains parabens. Also remember, the first two substances specified in the list are the main components.

4. Before acquisition smell gel. The pungent smell says that this means can cause irritation of skin.

5. Buy cosmetics in specialized shops in which there are testers. When choosing gel rub its small amount between fingers. So you will be able to see amount of foam. It is possible to ask sampler for the consultant of shop also. Houses you will test means and will understand whether it is suitable for your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team