How to choose suitable hair color

How to choose suitable hair color

Any woman knows that the easiest way will cardinally change the image it to recolour hair in other color, having tried on on herself image of the fatal brunette or ginger devil. That the new style has fitted, it is necessary to consider type of the appearance, tone of skin and structure of hair.


  1. Stylists and cosmetologists divide types of zhenky beauty into four categories poetically called in honor of seasons. The girl – possesses "spring" pale skin, light eyes of blue or gray shade, natural fair hair. To them it is better to select golden shades of blond, honey tone. Too bright colors it is unprofitable will shade pallor of skin whereas bluish-black or chestnut locks unnaturally look.
  2. To representatives of "summer" type of women there are practically all colors. Skin of warm peach shades, light, but without porcelain pallor which is combined practically with any hair color is characteristic of them. Only the most dark shades which will contrast with color of eyebrows and eyelashes are not recommended. It is better for owners of yellowish skin to avoid fair-haired colors, choosing colder shades of blond.
  3. Red shades most of all will suit the woman – "fall". Girls with chestnut-colored or light brown hair, green, gray and brown eyes treat this type. Colors with addition of red note go it especially: all shades copper, mustard, color under "mahogany".
  4. To beauties of "winter" type with pale skin, dark hair and eyes all will fit chocolate and wood chestnut tone. From light scale ashy colors as they demand careful clarification of hair are not recommended.
  5. Choose shade of hair depending on that image which you want to create. Gentle romantic persons will suit warm and light palette: all honey shades, golden and red and copper. Passionate natures should pay attention to fiery red color. Young girls who do not hesitate to show to the whole world the identity can choose extremely pink or blue paint. To receive bright shades, hair should be clarified that is rather harmful. Several color locks or the bang painted contrast color can become compromise.
  6. Select color to style of clothes and cosmetics. Buying new hair-dye, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that the lipsticks loved tone and blush will go to make-up bag bottom. Lovers of natural make-up will suit light brown, ashy colors. Brilliant shadows and berry lip gloss are better combined with warm flowers of hair, from golden to soft chestnut. With red to hair smoky eye shadow and lipstick of natural red or plum colors will advantageously look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team