How to choose sunblock cream

How to choose sunblock cream

Beautiful and equal suntan looks very well. But if, sunbathing in the sun not to take precautionary measures, the probability to get burn is very high. Besides skin, unprotected from ultraviolet, grows old quicker, and there can be malignancies. Therefore even swarty people have to use sunblock creams.


1. Buy cream, oil or emulsion for suntan. Choose consistence, making a start from own preferences. But spray is more convenient that it is applied quicker. Means forms on skin invisible protective film which is reliable barrier from dangerous radiation and weakens adverse effect of sunshine.

2. Sun-protection creams protect your body from burns. But for the person buy separate means as skin on it is much more gentle and more sensitive. Such cream will saturate it with vitamins, will soften it and tones up. During strong heat you put such means not only on the beach, but also under make-up before each exit to the street.

3. Sun-protection creams are washed away and waterproof. Use the last for long protection, and during bathing. Thanks to such means you should not apply it to skin every time after dipping in water. This cream needs to be renewed only in 2 hours.

4. Find out to what phototype your skin belongs. The first are people with red hair, white skin and light eyes. They are more often than others are exposed to solar burns. If you treat this phototype, buy cream with SPF (index of protection) 50+. This means will be suitable also for the second phototype (fair-haired, white people with blue eyes).

5. The third phototype is people with swarty skin, dark hair and gray eyes. If you fall under this description, you need sunblock cream with factor of protection of 20-30 units. It concerns also the fourth phototype (same criteria, only brown eyes).

6. People with very swarty skin, almost black hair and dark brown eyes treat the 5th phototype. If you treat their number, you need cream with SPF 15+. Representatives of the sixth phototype (black skin, hair and eyes) can do without sunblock cream as they have a lot of melanin which preserves in the natural way skin against harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team