How to choose tattoo for drawing on wrist

How to choose tattoo for drawing on wrist

on wrist are very popular presently. They enjoy bigger love at girls, wrist - one of sexual and attractive areas of female body.

Wrist – very convenient location for drawing. If necessary it is easy to hide tattoo under clothes or by means of accessory (bracelet or hours). The tattoo on wrist most often has the small size, and therefore looks gracefully and accurately. Absolutely various subjects are suitable for drawing tattoo: patterns, inscriptions or images.

In the place of drawing tattoo are divided into several types:

- The tattoo in the form of bracelet completely winds wrist. It can represent pattern or the specific image – flower, grapevine or chain of dolphins.

The tattoo on external or inside of wrist can also represent something abstract. And popular images are hieroglyphs and fairies. The tattoo of the bigger size begins on wrist and rises up forearm. In this case the choice can be stopped on tongues of flame or flower of lotus. The specific subject for drawing tattoo on wrist has to help you to express the identity and to be for you very close that you did not want to get rid of it in few months. The choice of subject is limited only to your imagination. You can apply inscription, important for you, on wrist. It can be the motto by which you are guided on life, name of your beloved or child. For writing of phrase it is possible to choose any language which is pleasant to you more. Also the small image of butterfly, animals or flowers will be suitable for drawing on wrist. Before addressing in tattoo salon, surely specify what can mean the image selected by you. For example, the eagle symbolizes the proud person possessing strong in spirit. The owl is associated with boundless wisdom. Fish is symbol of sexual energy. Unicorn on the woman's body – symbol of purity and femininity, and on the man's body – sign of nonconventional orientation. The bee means diligence and love for order. The rose suits bright and passionate women. If you doubt that you have correctly chosen subject for tattoo, at first try to make to yourself permanent make-up. In several months the image will be erased and you will be able to make the present of tattoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team