How to choose tattoo salon

How to choose tattoo salon

Art of tattoo gains huge popularity and practically rebirth recently. And if you have resolved to decorate the skin with some beautiful and symbolical drawing, then treat the choice of tattoo salon with all possible responsibility.


  1. Remember that the tattoo salon has to include at least two rooms, one of which serves reception, and another — procedural office. Do not agree to operation at all in salon at which everything occurs in one room.
  2. The reception room has to be clean and pleasant. Exactly there is communication with the potential client. Here have to offer you catalogs of drawings and portfolio of masters which work in studio. In reception certificates and various documents of salon also have to be placed. Remember that the studio without certification and permission has to cause concern to you.
  3. In salon it is impossible to smoke. If you have found traces of the fact that here take alcoholic beverages or drugs in operating time in salon, then at once refuse services of such salon. There is no need to risk, permitting to work with the skin to the drunk master.
  4. The procedural office has to be absolutely clean and sterile as the operating room in hospital. If before entrance to office to you have not suggested to put on dressing gown slipper silt, then once again think before allowing the master to work.
  5. All tools which are used by the master during drawing tattoo have to be disposable and sterile. All other objects, for example, furniture, power supplies, lighting objects, have to be wound with film to avoid infection.
  6. Ask that the master opened all tools at you. Machines for performance of tattoo disposable are not, but remember that after each client they have to be sterile. Do not hesitate to ask questions of purity and safety — you risk own health.
  7. Do not trust in the inexperienced and nonprofessional master. Remember that each expert has to have portfolio — if it is absent, then you should not risk, refuse its services better. Attentively study all its previous works — if they are executed carelessly, lines uneven and indistinct, then find other expert better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team