How to choose the best hair dryer for hair as hair

How to choose the best hair dryer for hair as hair

Many women use the hair dryer several times a week. And as is well-known, this device influences structure of hair. Buying the hair dryer, it is necessary to pay special attention to the type of hair. Otherwise it is possible to worsen condition of hair significantly. To choose the best hair dryer, it is necessary to consider length and structure of hair.

Most of customers choose the hair dryer, being guided by its power. And if hair are longer than shovels, then the hair dryer with small power will well not dry. It should be noted that the power of the hair dryer influences only the speed of the air flow which is going out of the hair dryer. It does not influence stream temperature at all.

The hair dryer for hair. How to choose for itself?

There is a wish to note that if the hair dryer is chosen for use by all family, then the choice should be stopped on universal option. If on the hair dryer the possibility of regulation of power of air flow is provided, then it is possible to use it safely for the hair all family. Just everyone has to choose the power, optimum for the hair.

If at the woman the hair are shorter than shovels and differ in the increased fragility and dryness, then hair dryer power for hair should not exceed 1200 W. If the hair dryer with power is higher, then to make laying with its use it will not turn out. Such hair dryer it will be possible to spoil and injure hair only.

If hair dense, long and heavy, then it is possible to buy the hair dryer power above than 1600 W. After drying the hair will become voluminous, and hairstyle volume.

Nozzles for the hair dryer and additional functions

The market is filled with different types of hair dryers. Producers offer all new functions, and nozzles allow to do laying easily and simply.

  1. The nozzle the concentrator for the hair dryer is offered in set to everything, even inexpensive hair dryers. This nozzle is used at hair dressing. It looks as the flattened cylinder and allows to send to certain place air flow precisely.
  2. The diffuser is also nozzle. But it is applied not to all types of hair dryers. The nozzle will preserve hair from overheating and will not injure them. It is possible to recognize it by through openings on nozzle. Exactly thanks to these holes, air flow becomes softer than usual.
  3. The active diffuser — kind of the ordinary diffuser the moving fingers massing skin and giving to hair radical volume.
  4. The replaced filters are offered for hair dryers from higher price category. If in set upon purchase there are replaced filters for the hair dryer, then it can speak about longer use of the device. As soon as becomes obvious that the power of the hair dryer has decreased, it is possible to change the filter and the hair dryer will work as new.
  5. Function of supply of cold air is provided on the majority of models of hair dryers now. Thanks to this opportunity, laying can be made without use of the increased temperatures.
  6. Ionization of air allows to reduce static electricity. Thanks to this function the hair will not be overdried and will become smooth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team