How to choose the correct shape of nails

How to choose the correct shape of nails

Hands are business card of the well-groomed woman. On hands it is possible to determine the age and welfare of the lady. Therefore it is important to choose suitable shape of nails that your hands always looked perfectly.

Many girls and women choose shape of nails, being guided by fashion trends. It is correct only partly as still it is necessary to consider brush form and also condition of nails.

Round shape. This form of nails perfectly will suit ladies with full hands. Roundish rather short nails look accurately therefore will decorate the handle with full fingers.

Square shape. Square nails will not suit the women having large brushes and short fingers. As such nails will visually make brush even more, and fingers are shorter. The square shape will be ideal for young girls with small hands and thin wrists. Square nails look amazingly, but to keep their ideal shape quite not easy. It is connected with the fact that corners of nail can often break.

Square shape with the rounded-off corners. Such shape of nails will suit owners of long fingers and a few convex nails. Nails will look very accurately and to demand leaving minimum.

Oval form. This shape of nails is universal and suits all women. Oval nails visually do fingers longer and thin.

The pointed form. In fashionable circles such form call Stiletto as nails really have the form similar to sharp daggers. This form - trend of 2017, but demands care as sharp marigold is subject to fragility. Therefore it is better to reserve the pointed shape of nails for special case, and to do daily manicure to more practical. Besides, the pointed form is suitable only for long and enough narrow nails. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team