How to choose the cosmetologist

How to choose the cosmetologist

Professional care for appearance helps to keep beauty and youth for a long time. Some people address the specialist cosmetologist because house means became insufficiently, for others saloon leaving – part of everyday life. Irrespective of, you plan the single procedure or you are going to visit salon or clinic regularly, approach to the choice of the cosmetologist has to be the most careful and thought over – your appearance and the state of health depend on actions of the expert.


  1. Solve, for what purpose you are going to address the cosmetologist. If the esthetician who has ended three-months courses is capable to cope with the simple procedures which are not demanding serious intervention in organism (drawing mask, massage), then only the expert with the higher medical education can carry out mesotherapy, face lifting, removal of good-quality new growths of skin. From here the first criterion of your choice – education of the cosmetologist follows. Except the diploma of medical school and the certificate on passing of internship in Dermatology, it without fail has to have certificates of advanced training courses and participation in specialized seminars. The certificate is issued for the right of work with each specific technique to the dermatocosmetologist after training and passing qualification examination – to you are obliged to allow to study them.
  2. Learn as much as possible about the chosen expert. The more recommendations and positive reviews, the better. It is good if someone from your acquaintances already used its services – ask whether they are happy, whether it was succeeded to achieve the necessary result whether was complications after the procedures.
  3. At the first meeting with the cosmetologist estimate appearance of office and the doctor. If the expert has not well-groomed skin, untidy look, it accepts in the ragged and dirty room - you will hardly want to deal with it. The qualified specialist on primary consultation has to estimate condition and type of your skin, to collect data on health, but not to impose expensive cosmetic procedures from first minute of conversation. It has to be pleasant to you to be in society of this person. If the cosmetologist fills up you with unclear terms, but cannot explain point of the treatment which is coming you and describe its process – most likely, this is not the professional. Trust the health only to the one who can competently and accurately tell what any given method of professional leaving in what results it has to result what are possible contraindications and complications is intended for.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team