How to choose the curling iron for hair

How to choose the curling iron for hair

Many modern women dream of beautiful and magnificent curls. But most of them has by nature straight hair. There is universal tool which will help to correct it. It is the curling iron for hairdressing. But there is big problem how to pick up that that will suit you.

Magnificent curls are dream of very many girls and obligatory attribute of some hairstyles. Only small amount of women has got by nature beautiful curlies, and the rest to have to create curls in the artificial way by means of special devices. The way most just to receive magnificent hairstyle, is hair curlers, but their application not always quickly and conveniently. It is the best of all to use the curling iron for hairdressing. Even our grandmothers used this device. But since then there has passed a lot of time, and curling irons were improved. There was set of models of different types and coverings, and it often complicates the choice of young fashionistas. First of all it is necessary to deal with characteristics of this device before going to shop and to buy, what will suit you.

Characteristics of curling irons for hairdressing

  1. Availability of the temperature regulator. Not to spoil hair, it is necessary to have possibility of control of heating of the curling iron as it can heat up about 100-200 degrees that will lead to injury of hair.
  2. Material of surface of the curling iron. Before the curling iron had only metal covering. Today it is possible to find this device with several types of coverings. The most widespread, it is ceramics and teflon. They treat shchadyashche hair and quickly heat up. Also many advise titanium. It strong also does not overheat.
  3. Heating surface. Here the choice for you. Everything depends on what result wants to be received finally.
  4. Power. Ideally it is 40-60 watts.
  5. Cord. It has to be long and not be twisted. 

Also for the choice of the curling iron it is necessary to be defined what curls you want to receive as a result. For this purpose it is necessary to understand types of curling irons for hairdressing.

Types of curling irons 

  1. Nippers with clip. It is classical option. They are various diameters depending on the size of curls. This model is the best for beginners. 
  2. Curling iron for preroot volume. The model is created for giving to your hairstyle of volume, but not curls. It is necessary to choose good covering and to use accurately that there were no head skin injuries. 
  3. Spiral stayler. Created for creation of separate curls. 
  4. Nippers gaufre. It is generally applied to creation of waves on hair.
  5. Curling iron hair dryer. Will help to dry up hair and to give the necessary volume.
  6. Double curling iron - ""double-barreled gun"". Represent 2 parallel cores for creation of zigzag locks. This adaptation not for beginners as the skill is necessary not to get burn. 

Also when choosing the curling iron for hairdressing it is possible to read numerous responses on the Internet and to see all minuses and pluses of separate models.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team