How to choose the depilator

How to choose the depilator

The choice of the depilator - matter of taste. Some the fast result and saving of time is important, others prefer to get rid of hairs for longer term. Many try different versions of depilators before stopping the choice on any of them.

It is required to you

  • Safety razor, hair removal cream, wax, wax strips.


1. Many, both women, and men, prefer the safety razor to all other depilators. The fact is that this means incredibly quickly and conveniently. Even in "marching" conditions, being somewhere outdoors, any woman can quickly put the body in order, having near at hand the safety razor. Of course, as well as any other means for depilation, at the safety razor has shortcomings. It is first of all fragility of smoothness of your skin, besides, if to use machines very often, then quite rough bristle can be formed over time. There is also probability that you will be wounded, accidentally having chosen the wrong tilt angle or extent of pressing at use of the machine. There is great number of producers of machines, but it is impossible to make any exact recommendations about the choice of this depilator. The fact is that selection of the machine – business especially individual. It is almost impossible to pick up optimal variant, without having tested at least several models of machines.

2. One more popular type of depilators are various creams and gels today. Usually they get out depending on features and type of skin. Also creams and gels for depilation are divided into several groups, corresponding to those parts of the body on which it is supposed to do depilation. Well and, certainly, the list of manufacturing firms of these depilators is simply huge. Unambiguous plus of these means is that they quite carefully influence skin, besides, conveniently to use them, and hairs after depilation grow not so quickly, over time becoming is lighter and are thinner. The biggest lack of this means – the price: good hair removal creams cost expensive. Besides, various allergic reactions to cream are possible. Of course, trial and error method, it is quite real to choose for itself optimum ratio the price quality over time.

3. As for wax and wax strips, it is rather method of epilation, than depilation, hairs are removed together with root. However it is necessary to mention it as about the most effective remedy of disposal of excess hair. Everything has put in time of growth of hairs, after high-quality removal they do not appear for weeks, and over time when bulbs weaken, you will even longer not notice them. Of course, the type of the depilator is matter of taste, but, from the subjective point of view, the only lack of wax method is his morbidity.

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