How to choose the electric razor

How to choose the electric razor

The electric razor is one of the most practical and useful gifts. But it is necessary to approach the choice of these goods extremely attentively therefore you should not be guided only by appearance of the device, it is also necessary to pay attention and to the mass of other factors. And if to ignore these factors, then from the useful device the razor can turn into absolutely useless trinket.


  1. So, it is necessary to begin with the choice of the brand of goods. Do not buy at all the razor of unknown firm which still has not proved in any way. Look narrowly better at popular producers which name at all very famous. The fact is that the famous producers, as a rule, value the reputation therefore they make better and reliable goods, give guarantee that the razor will serve to you not one year. So you should not rely on the anonymous firms offering cheap goods (you will save now, overpay then when you buy the new razor instead of broken).
  2. Now it is worth discussing other, not less important criterion for selection of the electric razor. You have to be defined what system will be more suitable: rotor or net (or mesh, it is called sometimes and so). Each of them differs in essentially different type of shaving intended for skin of a specific type. The net system will suit more those who possess too sensitive, gentle skin (edges will be hidden in such razor behind special grid so the direct contact of edges with skin will not happen). In the razor with rotor system the hair will be cut off by the special compact edges hidden in roundish heads. Such razors will be suitable for those who have a shave often and do not complain of sensitivity of skin.
  3. Further you have to decide for what shaving the device will be used: for dry or damp. Of course, the razor with function of dry shaving which is not demanding use of water and foam will be convenient to those who often travels and is constantly on the way. In case the device is necessary for use in house conditions, preference should be given to the mixed type (combining dry and damp shaving).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team