How to choose the good curling iron

How to choose the good curling iron

Once the curling iron was associated only with curly head of hear. Today this device also straightens curls. To satisfy the inquiries, it is necessary to know with what nozzles the curling iron has to be equipped.


  1. There are several criteria helping to choose the curling iron. Temperature condition, working surface, nozzles and also reputation of manufacturing firm belongs to them.
  2. Earlier the curling iron had only one temperature, and extent of heating of the device was defined or having spat it, or touching by finger. Such practice has shown that it is possible not only to burn fingers, but also to damage structure of hair. Therefore modern devices for twisting or straightening of curls are equipped with temperature sensor allowing to control extent of heating without harm for head of hear and skin. It is not necessary to save on such things. Usually, to raise hair at root or just to twist tips, expose temperature 100-120os. For very dense head of hear the heating to 150 wasps is necessary.
  3. What has to be in the ideal curling iron besides control of temperature condition? Qualitative working surface. The cheapest devices make of metal which often rusts and injures hair. The new generation of curling irons is equipped with working surface from ceramics. It should be taken into account, metal surfaces are heated very slowly and unevenly that increases the probability of burning of hair. Ceramic working surfaces protect structure of curls, without problems creating radical volume. Also, being going to choose the curling iron, it is necessary to pay attention to its diameter. By the way, the conical nozzle best of all will be suitable for natural curls and volume.
  4. Answering question with what nozzles the curling iron has to be equipped, you proceed from the requirements. Besides the twisting round nozzles of different diameters in the high-quality device always there has to be gaufre. Corrugated curls can be carried just like that, or to supplement with such elements of hairstyle. Also pay attention whether there is on the curling iron clip. This attribute considerably facilitates process of twisting or alignment as you do not need to burn out constantly nozzle, being afraid that hair will slip out. If you like to experiment, choose the curling iron with removable oval or spiral nozzle.
  5. So, having defined what has to be in the ideal curling iron, it is time to start the choice of manufacturing firm. Devices of Philips, Remington, Rowenta, Hairway, Babyliss, Moser KMS, GA.MA, Harizma, Sibel, Velecta Paramount, Wahl, etc. enjoy the greatest love of girls. Especially allocate professional devices of Babyliss, multipurpose curling irons of Philips and Rowenta and also Remington with pearl covering of working surface.

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