How to choose the hair shampoo

Quite often there are difficulties when choosing shampoo among that huge number of types on counters of shops and various advertizing. Hair for the woman is the main ornament therefore it is necessary to approach question of the choice of shampoo responsibly.

The most important when choosing to define type of hair (dry or fat), to define problem (secants tips, loss, dandruff and others).  

Having defined it, we narrow circle of what will be suitable for us.

The following step - we read attentively composition of shampoo. Any shampoo consists of water, foaming agent, detergent and ingredients which are suitable for any given type of hair.

Composition of shampoo almost identical and it does not depend on the price and the producer.

Today it became fashionable to use bezsulfatny shampoos. As someone has decided that sodium sulfate is very harmful to head skin and is dangerous to human body. For that time while the head washes, sulfate cannot do harm to organism, he acts only at long contact. Therefore you should not be afraid of shampoos which part sulfate is. They should be washed away well.

In the market of shampoos types which are made on soap base are relevant. Such shampoos practically do not foam therefore the head should be washed 2-4 times in a row. They well clean hair at the expense of what they remain brilliant, clean and beautiful longer.

Many producers produce natural or as it is called still, organic shampoo today. If to be up to the end honest, then shampoo cannot consist only of organic substances as they do not cope with the main objective of shampoos – clarification of hair. Besides organic substances can act as allergens.

It is necessary to remember that in structure there are substances on decrease. First place is won with which concentration most of all in shampoos.

When using unfamiliar shampoo various problems, such as itch or dryness can appear. It does not mean at all that shampoo or the manufacturer bad. It simply demonstrates that this shampoo does not approach and it is worth trying something else.

There is it that favourite shampoo has ceased to approach. You should not be upset! Just the organism has got used and was saturated therefore gives such "signal" that time to change the used means has come.

And the most important, it is worth remembering that shampoo suits everyone individually!  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team