How to choose the high-quality hair dryer for hair

How to choose the high-quality hair dryer for hair

Initially the hair dryer was used only for drying of hair. But producers have so improved modern models that they allow to create curls, to straighten curls, to give volume to the most fine hair and even to stack them in any direction.

Before buying the hair dryer, be defined for what purposes it is necessary to you. If for you the main thing is opportunity as soon as possible to dry up hair, give preference to models with minimum of functions and high power. For frequent business trips and travel there are hair dryers of the small sizes supplied with road cover. And the hair dryer with big set of nozzles and additional functions is necessary for creation of masterpieces on the head.

How to choose the high-quality hair dryer

For daily use choose the 1200-1600 W models. It it is quite enough to dry up hair, to lay and keep their healthy appearance. Inept handling of the hair dryer of bigger power can become the cause of burn of the head, the overdried tips and formation of dandruff.

The good hair dryer has to have at least two high-speed and temperature conditions. Creation of laying, drying of the thin and injured hair is carried out at low temperature. Additional plus – availability of cold air flow at the hair dryer. It is necessary for fixing of laying at final stage.

Surely test the hair dryer before purchase. The sound has to be equal, without rattles and differences of loudness. Otherwise it is possible to draw conclusion that the producer has saved on quality of the engine. Such model will not serve long. The body of the high-quality hair dryer is manufactured of strong heat-resistant plastic. Thanks to it, the device will not crash when falling into floor and will not melt during long work. Unfortunately, to define good stuff independently happens very difficult. Therefore, choosing the hair dryer, give preference to the checked famous brands.

Additional functions

Modern models of hair dryers have broad set of functions. So in some devices instead of the traditional metal heater ceramic is used. Evenly heating up, it carefully dries up hair, without injuring them. The ceramic heater is designated on packing by the word Ceramic. Function of ionization creates effect of drying of hair on air after thunderstorm. The loaded ions remove static electricity, smooth scales of hair, doing them smooth and brilliant. Also the hair dryer can be supplied with different nozzles. The concentrator is nozzle with narrow crack. It is applied to creation of laying as allows to direct current of air to separate curl. Stayler – nozzle in the form of brush. It is necessary for laying of curls and disentangling of wavy hair. The nozzle diffuser differs in small "fingers" which give volume, raising hair at roots.

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