How to choose the high-quality men's electrorazor

Buying the electrorazor for the man, there is a wish to give gift not just pleasant surprise, but really functional useful thing, models and types of men's razors there is a lot of.

Grid or rotor

Electrorazors happen two types: mesh and rotor. The cutting edges are in the mesh razor under small grid which internal border also has the pointed edge for the best result. For this reason any its damages are extremely undesirable – the spoiled knife will begin to injure skin, and shaving will turn into the real torture. Usually one of heads is not mobile, others – floating. Such razor needs to be pressed densely to skin that hairs got under grid and could be cut off. The machine of mesh design causes less irritation and will suit people with sensitive skin, it is also ideal for shaving of strongly grown, started bristle.

The rotor razor is several knife heads, fixed on the basis of They can be both mobile, and static. Quickly rotating, edges take small hairs and cut off them. The rotor razor is suitable for rough bristle and people whose skin is not subject to allergy and irritation. It is convenient to it to work at rather short hairs and also at unevenly grown bristle. Such razors provide more close shave.


Important point when choosing the electrorazor is the ability of the accumulator to keep charge. At modern models the charge can stick to from 30 to 60 minutes of continuous use. The razor with the accumulator can be irreplaceable on travel as does not demand availability of the socket. If you buy the razor only for house use, it is better to give preference to model with power supply from the socket. The men spending much time on the way or the traveler on the car, undoubtedly will like the models equipped with wire for connection to the lighter. Certainly, such machines of nobody on the run urge to have a shave, but will be convenient during stops or halts.


Heart of any razor are knives. And the comfort of process of shaving and its speed depends on their durability and sharpness. It is no secret that after certain period of use, the cutting surface of knife begins to be rebated. Each producer solves this problem in own way. Some models assume possibility of extraction of edges and their replacement or sharpening, however, it is necessary to consider that static edges are fixed in such a way that their sharpening is almost impossible, and spare details sometimes are more expensive, than the whole razor. There are razors with the self-sharpened edges, but their service life will also not be boundless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team