How to choose the iron

How to choose the iron

Time goes, and straight hair remains the universal fashionable hairstyle relevant for all women. Not all by nature possess ideally straight hair – and here in creation of hairstyle irons for straightening come to the rescue. Many girls get up before the difficult choice – shops of household appliances offer the huge range of irons – what of them more preferable to buy to achieve the best effect with the smallest harm for hair and to cardinally change the image.


  1. Surely you look whether the chosen iron has temperature regulator. Do not buy too cheap irons it is not on which – without temperature regulator you will not be able to establish optimum temperature for different types of hair, so, straightening can injure hair.
  2. It is also necessary to pay attention to what working surface of the iron. Today make devices with different surfaces – both metal, and ceramic. Ceramic plates on irons increase their cost, but they are safer and more qualitative.
  3. Occur among ceramic coverings as well tourist's crimson plates. They are put over ceramic. Such irons have opportunity to heat up evenly, they do not burn hair and smooth them in more sparing mode. Hair become straight very carefully that reduces fragility and possible section. The iron with tourist's crimson covering - one of the best options which can only be found.
  4. Metal irons are often supplied with additional nozzles. Therefore if you want not just to straighten hair, and to create original hairstyle, it makes sense to consider option of purchase of the iron with ready nozzles. Such nozzles can help you to create corrugated or wavy locks from which further it is possible to model various hairstyles. So if your hair are rather hardy, you are able to afford also the metal iron with additional nozzles.
  5. According to length of your hair select width of working surfaces of the iron. If hair long and dense, choose the iron with wide plates. If short – you suit the iron with narrower plates.
  6. Pay attention to additional functions which any given iron has. Depending on the producer these functions can vary. For example, function of ionization which meets at ceramic and tourist's crimson irons is capable to close the revealed scales of hair and to restore their structure. Similar restoration can be promoted also by infrared radiation. However, it is more directed to deduction and preservation of moisture in hair, giving them vivacity. This function is also capable to keep effect of hair dressing much longer. Function of automatic touch control is capable to establish independently the necessary temperature of heating without your participation.
  7. One more moment which is not especially basic, but it is also necessary to pay attention to it – the weight of your future iron. Estimate, it will be how convenient to hold to you it in hand whether possible weight strains your hands it.
  8. And at last, pay attention to manufacturing firm as it is important aspect of the choice of goods too. Try to stop the choice on the professionals making the equipment for specialized hairdresser's salons.
  9. Correctly to straighten hair the bought iron, previously apply on hair thermoactive milk and means for laying. Slightly dry the moistened hair and begin to straighten their iron lock behind lock, pulling out hair from bunch on the top. Having finished straightening, again sprinkle a little hair varnish for laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team