How to choose the iron for hair

How to choose the iron for hair

modern market offers set of various models of irons for hair. To choose that which will be the most effective and at the same time will negatively not influence hair, it is necessary to be extremely attentive when choosing the device.


  1. Give preference to models in which the regulator of temperature influence and the system of protection against overheating is provided. Importance of this criterion is caused by the fact that when using irons temperature can do the greatest harm to hair. Besides the model with the regulator of temperature will allow to pick up that mode which suits you most of all and also will help to secure hair against excessive dryness and damages.
  2. As irons happen different types, pay attention to what plates at the chosen model. Least of all there are copies with the plates made of metal, however at long use of such device it will strongly injure hair. Are more effective, but at the same time and expensive models with ceramic plates, with anode and oxidic or tourist's crimson surface. They have excellent wear resistance and have anticorrosive properties.
  3. When choosing suitable model important factor is length of hair and their structure. So, the working surface of the iron has to be that more, than hair are longer and dense, and for short it is better to use the iron with narrow width of surface. Besides, if you the owner of rigid and dense curls – width of plates in the iron has to be 4-7 cm if your hair dry and damaged – the model which plates will have width about 3 cm approaches, and for straight, healthy hair it can make 2.5 cm.
  4. Consider that irons are professional and amateur. Whenever possible try to get professional model as except possibility of exact adjustment of temperature condition, fast heating of surface, these irons have also some other useful functions. For example, it can be ionization (it does not allow to arise to static electricity) or opportunity to use the iron not only at dry, but also at moist hair. Also some professional models have function allowing to smooth by means of infrared thermal radiation structure of hair and to humidify them that gives the chance to achieve longer result after use of the iron.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team