How to choose the iron for hair

How to choose the iron for hair

circulation of irons for hair speaks very simply – they rather effectively straighten the curling and curly hair, level the twisting ends of hair and allow to lay hairstyle accurately. Hair at the same time look more smooth, brilliant and well-groomed.


  1. If you want to buy quality goods, you should not look for its cheap analogs in suspicious outlets. Perhaps, more or less working copy, but risk will also get to you to receive not that it is necessary and to burn through hair in this case is too high.
  2. First of all pay attention to material of which the main part of this electric device is made. Irons or as they are called still, rectifiers have the metal plates or plates covered with ceramics, tourmaline, teflon or their alloys. If you prefer the metal iron, then it will cost to you cheaper and, besides, complete with it there are replaceable nozzles for creation of corrugated or wavy locks by means of which you will be able to diversify hairstyle. But keep in mind that metal irons are quickly and strongly heated, and you can burn through hair, and tips will be whipped. The iron with ceramic covering distributes heat more evenly, the covering with tourmaline neutralizes static electricity, and cosmetics do not stick to teflon. Also options meet covering from ceramics alloy with tourmaline or teflon.
  3. Pay attention to whether there is on the iron exact adjustment of temperature. It is especially important if you have thin and injured hair.
  4. Decide on iron width. It is better to use thin rectifiers on short hair, it is easier to style long hair the wide iron.
  5. Pay attention also to availability of additional opportunities of the iron – whether there is ionization which prevents emergence of static electricity whether it is possible to use it on moist hair whether function of infrared thermal radiation which promotes smoothing of structure of hair and their moistening for longer period is included in this model.
  6. Pick up the iron: if you assume to use the device often, choose not too heavy option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team