How to choose the lover

How to choose the lover

All women different. But, if they look for the love relations with the man, then the main criterion of such search there will be sexual solvency of the man. Of course, it is desirable that it was pleasant appearance and is at least a little skillful to support pleasant conversation. However the ability to give pleasure in bed becomes the most important characteristic of such man.


  1. Many skilled women consider that the more long and more nose at the man, the he is sexier. The real sexy giant can and will get with long nose, but it does not mean at all, as all others will be the same. So such statement can be considered wrong.
  2. You should not choose businessmen and politically active men. Most likely, that all their energy and activity is directed at all not to what is required to the real woman. Leave alone politicians and businessmen, they will not be able to bring joy in sex, they have absolutely other cares.
  3. It is possible to claim safely that brunettes will be sexier, than blondes. And their body of the increased hairiness the most important indicator of sexual activity. Not without reason all representatives of the Caucasian nationality are famous for the love affairs and temperament. It has found confirmation and from the scientific party – such hairy men have increased production of men's hormone.
  4. Bald men are considered as excellent lovers too. The thing is that the high level of content of testosterone often leads to baldness. So safely invite to yourself in bed of the bald lover. Most likely, he will not disappoint you.
  5. If are not pleasant bald and hairy, choose the swarty man. White-skinned blondes are suitable for Platonic and sublime feelings more. And here swarty lovers will hardly be dishonored in bed.
  6. If to make portrait of the ideal lover, then it will be approximately such: the low and thickset swarty brunette with the increased hairiness on body who is inclined to early baldness. If the similar portrait does not impress, experiment, look for the sexy giant. It is possible that he sits at the next table at you at office and dreams of acquaintance to the great lady long ago.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team