How to choose the plastic surgeon for plastics?

How to choose the plastic surgeon for plastics?

Whether it is worth saying that plastic surgery is business serious and it is not necessary to trust it to the first met doctor? You know it also. We will tell about number of important criteria, leaning on which, it is possible to choose the worthy plastic surgeon. We advise to write out all criteria on paper and to make the final choice, having only passed the doctor through the rigid system of selection.

Monitoring of the websites and hospitals will be the first point in rejection of unnecessary doctors. At once sweep aside the doctors doing operations unnecessary you, the clinics with importunate advertizing guaranteeing "the fast and cheap solution of all problems". Make the list of the doctors who have interested you and the medical centers. Let they will be no more than ten. At once be defined whether you wish to perform operation in the country or abroad.

Collecting the facts concerning your future surgeon:

  • Experience; • Skills and professional "skills" of your doctor; • The list of the carried-out operations; • Cost of surgical intervention; • Medical education; • Awards/certificates, and also participation of the doctor in conferences, significant actions; • Geographic location of the doctor.

Experienced experts are strong knowledge base, but young people actively use the newest modern technologies. Try to find balance between the first and second. Surely look at portfolio of your doctor. How many types of operations he is able to do, each operation is how qualitatively executed. Also it is worth taking an interest whether the doctor is able to carry out repeated plastic changes. Pay attention to the price. Good surgeons do not suit discounts for the activity as know the own worth and, as a rule, are demanded among people. The doctoral dissertation written to them or just articles in serious scientific magazines will be good plus in karma of the doctor. Pay attention whether the doctor takes part in life of medical community, whether received awards, whether read papers at conferences? All these facts will be bonus to positive reputation. But the reputation is not less important. Responses and estimates of medical skill: • Responses and recommendations on the Internet; • Popularity of the surgeon among patients and professionals; • Opinion of colleagues; • Opinion and appearance of his former patients. Huge advantage of the Internet is that nobody will hide the real attitude towards the person here. Especially negative. So if for the doctor defects are found, flaws and bad reputation — you quickly learn about it. Important role is played by popularity of the surgeon among other doctors and patients of prestigious clinics. If other doctors speak of the surgeon chosen by you in positive key — it is good, and here if about it rumors about charlatanism and nonprofessionalism go. One more good way to check quality of work of the surgeon. Arrange meeting two-three of his former patients. Look at their appearance, listen that they will tell. Obtain the living proof of success of the operations performed by the doctor. During consultation the surgeon has to: • To answer all your questions especially inconvenient for it. • To find out your motives, to define for what you need to lay down on the operating table.· if there are not surgical methods of the solution of your problem — the surgeon has to tell you about them and advise to refuse operation.· for the doctor surely availability of portfolio, with results of the previous operations.· doctor has to tell in detail not only about operation process, but also about possible risks and complications.· if necessary the doctor has to give you additional care after operation and provide all necessary conditions for preparation for it. Do not address that surgeon who: • Gets out of replying to the questions.· put by you does not tell about the experience and operations performed earlier, referring to confidentiality of information or other factors. • Tries to tell you that breast at you already fine, and tummy it would be quite good to tighten. • Tries to impose you own standards of beauty.· says that operation does not bear any threats and is completely safe. It is deliberate lie since any surgery is connected with risks for health. Now you know what surgeons should be avoided and what to ask for the help. We wish you successfully performed operation, internal and external updating. Do not come across to charlatans, soberly estimate each step and be it is dazzling are beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team