How to choose the razor

How to choose the razor

when men had a shave with dangerous edges, consign to the distant past. Today there is huge number of modern models of razors by means of which such hard process as shaving, can bring only the most pleasant emotions. But their big variety has led to what to understand how to choose the good and suitable razor, became not and it is easy.

Machine or electrorazor: what to choose?

Modern machines very strongly differ from those that were several decades ago. It is almost impossible to be cut modern. Latest models are equipped with excellent cartridges with the thinnest edges which mobility is provided thanks to fastening or on the handle of the device, or on the cartridge. Experts claim that razors with fastening on the cartridge are much more effective in the course of shaving. One more plus of modern models is that they have the moistening strips - thanks to them process of shaving takes place much more comfortably.

Machines are chosen by those men who want their skin to be ideally clean-shaven. The edge on the machine closely adjoins to skin thanks to what hairs on face are removed directly at the roots. However it is necessary to be attentive as after such shaving skin completely "becomes bare" and becomes very sensitive to external irritants. Therefore to use gels and creams after shaving by the machine it is just necessary.

The electrorazor – ideal option for those men in whom safety razors cause irritation on skin. The fact is that in the electrorazor of edge do not adjoin to skin, therefore and the irritation cannot be. Thanks to the fact that edges are put into special heads shaving becomes process absolutely safe. It is impossible to be cut with such razor. Modern electrorazors are not afraid of water, they can be wetted, without being afraid to receive at the same time the category current.

How to choose the electrorazor

Now there is set of types of electrorazors. Each man himself decides what look suits him more. So, for example, to men with very sensitive skin the experts recommend to pay the attention to the models having the sliding trimmer which allows to depilate long. Electric razors with the system of automatic cleaning and support are also very convenient for recharge. Some models have the system of cleaning directly in recharge that is very convenient – has put the razor on charging, and it at the same time also is cleaned. For those who constantly travels or is in frequent traveling, the model with the universal accumulator battery perfectly will approach. Such adaptation will allow to shave even in conditions where there is no electricity. Modern electrorazors can be divided on: - rotor which edges are hidden behind the round shaving surface (the rotary system is used); - net, whose edges do oscillating motions, being located at the same time behind grid. When choosing the electrorazor it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of the movement of edges. The quicker they move, the quicker there will take place shaving process and consequently, skin will be irritated and injured less.

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