How to choose the suitable curling iron for hair

How to choose the suitable curling iron for hair

All of us are individual, everyone has unique beauty. And each girl there are curls of different type. Let's try to understand what device for what type of curlies is created.

There are several rules uniform for all curling irons. Surely observe them if you do not want to receive as a result instead of hair bast.

  1. Choosing stayler, surely you look at what it is made of. Devices from iron are capable to burn out almost instantly your hair because metal is warmed to very high temperatures. Turn the view of the curling iron with ceramic or mineral (sericite) covering better, they work in considerably more sparing mode, and the result turns out not worse. Plus to everything such curling irons ionize hair therefore they cease to be electrified.
  2. Work with dry hair. Not only that moist hair just will not twirl, so to all other you also injure hair much stronger. Exception - ceramic and sericite curling irons which recommend to work at very slightly moist hair.
  3. If your purpose is to create volume at roots, first of all wash up the head and put the texturing vredstvo. Not to zabudt as well about thermoprotection.
  4. If you have thin or injured hair, work with temperature not higher than 120 degrees.


The iron is the universal device capable not only to straighten, but also to twist hair. In order that to make it, you need to take lock at root and, tightening up, to conduct the iron to tip. The minimum length with which it is possible to work - caret.

Conic curling iron

The curling iron - carrot will be suitable for creation of natural sexual curls as allows to create curl, volume above and gradually narrowed to bottom. Ideal option for creation of volume laying.

Curling iron spiral

Such curling iron allows to create equal symmetric elastic curls. 

The standard curling iron for wave

Allows to create many options of laying: curls, curls, waves. The end result depends on width of lock and way of its winding on stayler. The paradox, but the is less diameter of such curling iron, the more volume the hairstyle turns out.

Iron gaufre

Allows to create not only interesting to gaufre effect on hair. Recently the gaufre at roots successfully replaces grandmother's pile, and copes with role of support of volume even better. Laying with gaufre turns out durable and keeps before the following washing of the head.

Automatic curling iron

Laying by means of such curling iron demands minimum of time and efforts. everything that you need - to put lock at the basis in the device which will make other work for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team