How to choose toilet water

How to choose toilet water

Do you wish to buy new toilet water? In shops there is wide choice of aromas. Before purchase test the pleasant spirits. It will allow to make right choice, to gain the aroma suitable you.

It is required to you

  • Perfumery shop, the range of toilet water, time for the choice


  1. Choosing toilet water or spirits, be guided by own preferences. Flower, fresh aromas are ideal for girls. East spirits and toilet water with pungent smell suit women, than young girls more. Men should try toilet water with wood notes.
  2. It is known that the same aroma on different people is perceived differently. And still, there are some subtleties to which it is necessary to pay attention at choice of perfume.
  3. Shop only in those shops where it is possible to buy really quality products. You should not save and buy cheap toilet water. It often exudes very pungent smell which disappears very quickly. About any difficult aroma here the speech does not go.
  4. In shops there are many spirits which make the known brands. It is the best of all to buy toilet water in the second half of day. At this time receptors of nose are especially sensitive. So you will find the aroma suitable you.
  5. Never smell spirits in the concentrated state. Scatter toilet water on pure leather. Do not pound at all the place on which you have applied aroma. As toilet water evaporates slowly, gradually disclosing aroma, grinding of skin breaks sequence of evaporation.
  6. Do not feel sorry for time for the choice of toilet water. Wait, alcohol has to disappear. Smell aroma on skin, over time it will change. Perhaps, there will be some notes which will not be pleasant to you. It is better not to buy such toilet water.
  7. You have to relax and mark out enough time for process. It would be ideal to scatter toilet water on skin and to observe disclosure of aroma within a day. If there is no time for it, wait at least hour after you have caused aroma.
  8. To you it is not necessary to try more than three aromas for one visit of shop. Do not buy toilet water in a hurry. If you wish to estimate firmness of aroma, quickly inhale it and let's nose have a rest.
  9. If it seems to you that the smell has disappeared, then it can be explained with fatigue or frequent inhalation of aroma. Try once again after a while. You should not lower nose close to skin or tester. The trace from smell therefore it is necessary to inhale aroma at some distance from skin is important.
  10. Choose the easiest of aromas and take samples. Finally leave the heaviest, saturated aroma. We already said that it is worth applying toilet water to clean skin. Make sure that it does not smell of soap, cream or other spirits.

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