How to choose tonic

How to choose tonic

Correctly picked up face toner has to eliminate negative impact of the chlorinated water, soften skin and prepare it for cream perception. It can reduce rashes, matt face or, on the contrary, give it shine. Choosing product, consider features of the skin and task which he is called to solve.


1. Define the type of skin and select the tonic suitable it. The dry, shelled face needs the means containing natural oils. Oily skin needs the components which are matting it and removing excessive greasiness sensitive tonics with extracts from flowers and officinal herbs will approach.

2. Look for the necessary means in perfumery shops, supermarkets or drugstores. Do not buy bottles of doubtful look on street trays – risk to get fake or incorrectly stored original expired is much higher there.

3. Attentively read the label. Study structure, especially if you have allergy or dermatitis. If on bottle it is specified that this product contains vitamins, plant extracts or natural oils, be convinced that they are specified in the list of ingredients. Find out whether it is possible to apply the chosen means to eyelid skin – universal tonic is much more practical.

4. Whenever possible estimate smell of means and its texture. If in shop or drugstore there is tester, surely use it. Consider that the sharp aroma can irritate mucous century and nose. Pound tonic drop between fingers, find out, how fast it is absorbed whether there is no cling film on skin. Smell hands – sometimes after drawing the means changes smell. Whether to be pleasant to you to feel it daily?

5. Estimate convenience of bottle. Tonic is spilled in glass or plastic bottles – decide what option will suit you. The bottle with the doser allowing to squeeze out the necessary quantity of means is more convenient for daily use.

6. If you are not sure that means will be pleasant to you, buy small packing on trial. Buy the checked tonics by big bottles – in terms of milliliters they will cost cheaper. Besides liquid can always be poured in other, more suitable container.

7. Having chosen suitable tonic, examine regiments – perhaps, the set including not only which was pleasant to you product, but also other pleasant trifles like make-up bag, samplers of cream or means for removal of make-up is sold by row. Sometimes the price of such set is equal to the price of single product. Do not miss opportunity to make favorable purchase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team