How to choose tools for manicure

How to choose tools for manicure

To make qualitative manicure, it is not obligatory to address to salon. Correctly picked up tools will help to bring nails into ideal look - with their help you will easily give the form to nails, will get rid of the keratosic skin, will level plates and remove cuticle. Do not buy up everything - collect the own set for manicure which is most meeting your requirements.


1. The choice of tools depends on what type of manicure you prefer. Tools from high-quality steel - scissors, tweezers, nippers are necessary for those who loves classical cut option. With their help it is possible to give quickly and accurately the form to nails, to remove excess length, to remove hangnails and cuticle. Usually thin scissors or nippers for nails and also convenient curved tweezers for cuticle enter set for cut manicure.

2. Add set by metal pusher - it conveniently to shift excess skin from nail and to form the beautiful line of cuticle. If you are going to use in house manicure of tipsa, get sharp nippers for plastic cutting.

3. Do you prefer not cut the European manicure? Pick up set of files - they will help to give the form to nails, will take away the keratosic skin from fingers. The most available option - files from the pressed cardboard with metal dusting. Plastic files are more durable. Choose two-sided tools with various abrasives - they not only will file nails, but also will grind surface of plates. Such accessories can be washed and processed in disinfecting solutions.

4. The most qualitative option - glass or ceramic tools for podpilivaniye. For house use it is worth getting long file, and to put shorter in make-up bag, it is useful for the emergency repair inopportunely of the broken nail. Ceramic and glass accessories very gently grind nails, however they are very fragile and demand careful attitude.

5. It is possible to remove cuticle by means of set of sticks of orange tree. They need to be changed often - the ends of sticks razmokat during manicure. If your nails have uneven surface, buy polishing bilateral bar, it smoothes surface of plates and adds them beautiful soft gloss.

6. Take care of storage of the manicure set. Buy beautiful case from nylon or leather with offices for tools. Correctly packed accessories it is convenient to store houses and to take in the road. It is possible to place liquid for varnish removal in case, pencil for cuticle, cotton pads and other accessories to manicure.

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