How to choose wig from natural hair

How to choose wig from natural hair

Beautiful hair cause delight, but they demand special leaving and grow long. Wigs from natural curls give the chance to have beautiful well-groomed hair always regardless of which the nature has awarded. Besides it is possible to change constantly image – color, length, hairstyle.


  1. So, upon purchase of natural wig, it is necessary to be attentive and to pay attention to some details. The wig has to be soft, easy and it is natural to look. Basis on which hair – the most comfortable for the head fasten. Besides, it should not be integral, and cut out from strips elastic bands which allow air to get to head skin.
  2. It is very important that hair have well been attached to basis, otherwise the wig can quickly go bald. Be not afraid to pull a little bit them, checking quality. Any hair should not be extended. Also important element of wig is the hair parting. The more natural it looks, the better.
  3. The wig has to sit on the head ideally. For adjustment of the size use special velcros and elastic bands. Best of all the wig will approach if not to buy its ready, and to order it especially for itself.
  4. The wig has to be qualitative and suit you on color, model and length of hair. It is for this purpose better not to rely on opinions of sellers or girlfriends, and to address the professional stylist. Such person will pick up what suits your image and appearance, will track quality. Also he will help with purchase of means and tools for care for it.
  5. It is necessary to store wig on special pig or ordinary can. Wash it with cold water, dry phenom in the cold mode. After that hair need laying. It is possible to do on them waves, to recolour, straighten, as well as usual, but in order that it has served longer, it should not be abused.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team