How to choose winter foundation for dry skin

How to choose winter foundation for dry skin

foundation from usual differs not only with scale, but also structure and, of course, qualities. Winter means guarantee the most velvety covering. They are presented in collections not only watery foundation, but also small-sized cream powder which is very convenient for carrying in small handbag. But it is necessary to learn how it is correct to choose foundation not to lose and to do much harm to the skin.

What foundation it is better to use in winter time?

With arrival of severe frosts at all not it is necessary charge-off unhealthy action of sunlight, therefore, SPF filters have to be present at structure.

Be afraid of application during the winter period of dry powder as it dries your integuments. It will be more correct to replace it with the matting napkins.

As in winter time your skin becomes more white, gradually losing hot suntan, there comes the moment when it is worth changing tone of cosmetics, as well as foundation. It is obliged to become to a lesser extent saturated that the tone of face and handles had no unusual contrast.

The best foundations for winter

If you do not understand in any way what tone cosmetics it is the best of all to choose in the winter, then listen to councils of world professionals.

Christian Dior.      Skin Icone Photo Perfect Creme To Powder – quite good foundation with effect of retouch. It gives to skin softness, smoothes small wrinkles. It is authorized to apply it once a day. The matting result remains for the whole day – conveniently, the make-up should not be corrected constantly. At daily application, skin becomes gentle and smoothed.

Lancôme Photogenic Lumessence – foundation with the smoothing effect. Liquidates roughnesses of integuments, small wrinkles, and silvery-pink particles serve as reflectors of light and disseminate it because of what the natural tone of the person remains on extent of the whole day. The skin moisturized by foundation becomes flexible and soft, and UV filters preserve it against dryness and aging.

Extra Repair Foundation SPF25 BobbiBrown – this dense foundation faultlessly suits for dry skin just at the cold moments of year. It perfectly preserves against negative conditions like wind, cold weather and temperatures. With this foundation skin looks completely gladenky and young. In structure there are anti-aging components.

Wild Rose Foundation Korres – very resistant foundation, is put elementary. Gives to skin natural flush and monotone. Due to the maintenance of concentrate of wild rose, wrinkles are smoothed, skin begins to shine health.

   JA-DE Advance Wear Foundation (with SPF 9) – foundation with ideal balance. Will approach all types of skin as easily adapts to features of skin. Guarantees equal tone, smoothness.

And it is not the complete list of cosmetics with which in the winter your face skin can gain faultless tone. You needed only to pick up foundation which will meet your requirements and not to cause allergic reactions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team