How to choose winter hand cream

How to choose winter hand cream

Quality hand cream in winter time is paramount beauty-product. It needs to be used in the evening and in the morning, at ideal deal – after each washing of hands.

During the winter period skin of hands dries quicker and also bursts and shelled. Even at regular use of creams there can be constant feeling of tightness and other discomfort. It really happens, but only in case hand cream has been chosen at random, but not by rules. 

We choose ideal winter hand cream

During cold weather it is necessary to give preference to creams with fatter, nutritious texture. At the same time do not forget to study the label. Good cream optional has to be expensive. Be not conducted on brand raskruchennost, read composition of cream better! In the budgetary lines there are many worthy products. If the structure abounds with silicones, wax, synthetic oils, such cream, most likely, will humidify and will soften to term for a short time. In this case it is not necessary to speak about leaving.  

As a part of quality cream there have to be vegetable oils. For winter leaving batter (solid oils) are especially good. Treat them karite butter, cocoa, coco, macadamia.

F, E and A vitamins will make skin much more softly. They will remove and will prevent peeling and irritation, will accelerate cell regeneration.

Urea, hyaluronic acid, squalene, extract of aloe will help to moisturize the skin. Acacia, bee and others wax and also lanolin will help to hold moisture and to protect skin from wind and frost.

Correctly we apply winter hand cream

For reliable protection of hands important not competently to pick up cream, but also to apply it by certain rules.

You apply cream only on the clean and well dried up hands. It is better to do it for half an hour to exit of the house. During this time nutritious components will manage to be absorbed in term and to create protective barrier.

You apply means on hands as gloves. Begin from finger-tips and finish with wrist. Pay attention to interdigital intervals and cuticle.   

Remember that in winter time skin of hands needs not only good cream. Comprehensive care in which it is necessary to include massage, warm baths on the basis of oil or paraffin is necessary for it. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team