How to clarify black hair

How to clarify black hair

Blondes were fashionable always. The blond girl makes impression something easy, fine, solar. Many women for this reason decide on clarification of own dark hair. Hair can be dyed in salon, but it will cost expensive. However there are means allowing to make clarification of hair and in house conditions.


  1. Try to prepare rhubarb decoction. For this purpose crush dry or fresh stalks of rhubarb, mix 1-2 glasses with glass of the crushed rhubarb roots.
  2. Fill in with half of liter of white dry wine, put on fire, you boil until there is half of liquid. After that filter broth, cool, filter. Apply on hair and leave for half an hour - hour. Wind the head with cellophane. You receive light ashy or fair-haired shade of hair.
  3. Wash up the head shampoo with salt addition to soften hair. Dry hair towel, apply on them acacia honey. Evenly distribute on all length of hair and tie the head kerchief. Do not warm them, it will slow down clarification process. Musk needs to hold on hair at least ten hours.
  4. After that wash away honey water. Honey clarifies hair in the course of oxidation, but works far more softly than hydrogen peroxide. If you want to wash away a little paint from dyed hair, then too use honey – it will dissolve part of dye.
  5. If you want to gain fast and strong effect, then can use hydrogen peroxide in the old manner. Remember that it can injure hair. Apply cream to neck skin at the line of growth of hair not to damage it chemicals.
  6. Mix 50 gr peroxides of hydrogen and 5 drops of liquid ammonia. If you take too much alcohol, your hair can turn yellow in the course of coloring. Mix liquids in glass or ceramic ware, for stirring also do not use metal objects.
  7. Evenly apply structure on hair. You do not hold it on hair too long, at most are twenty minutes. Then carefully wash away liquid and rinse hair weak solution of apple cider vinegar.
  8. Try one more national means for clarification of hair – mask from kefir and lemon. Shake up in bowl two tablespoons of cognac or vodka, egg, 40 gr kefir, juice of half of lemon, shampoo teaspoon.
  9. Apply mask on hair, wind with polyethylene or towel. It is better to hold mask several hours, it is possible to put it for the night. Wash away mask with shampoo use, apply hair balm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team