How to clarify colored black hair

How to clarify colored black hair

Brunettes … Of course, brunettes! Who has told that it is better than the blonde? Black hair remarkably look therefore many girls recolour the more fair hair this color. But black paint is practically not washed away, and at those who have not wished to carry further this color, the problem appears – how to clarify hair. Almost all sources of information, as well as experts in beauty shops, say that it is impossible. But after all to make something really.

It is required to you

  • Hydrogen peroxide, colourless henna, hair-dye.


  1. It is possible to try to clarify hair on one or, if it works, on several shades, and then to paint hair in other color. It is possible to clarify hair both folk remedies, and means from shop.
  2. If your hair have been already painted, then it is possible to clarify them peroxide of hydrogen or colourless henna. Peroxide is held on hair exactly so much, the shade necessary to you will not turn out yet. If further you want to paint hair, then wait for almost white color, to be exact pale yellow. As soon as hair are decoloured, it is possible to begin coloring in light shade.
  3. If earlier you have been painted by henna, then you should not expect that at you everything will turn out exactly as it is described. After henna in general any paint it is impossible to change hair color.
  4. After clarification it is necessary to wash with colourless henna very well hair that then there was no feeling of sand on the head. Direct sunshine considerably influence the shade received from henna. Therefore several days after clarification you should not abuse the sun.
  5. If you are not sure that you will be able to carry out coloring, then entrust it to professionals better. Address to salon. There you will be helped and will advise that will be suitable for your hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team