How to clarify dark hair color

How to clarify dark hair color

Many women having by nature dark hair color consider that they cannot become blondes. Of course, such opinion is wrong. To become the irresistible blonde, it is only enough to use for clarification of hair hydrogen peroxide.

It is required to you

  • Gloves, vaseline or cream, paint, hydrogen peroxide, ware for paint cultivation, hours.


  1. At traditional clarification of dark hair it is necessary to use peroxide of hydrogen of various saturation. Concentration of peroxide is defined depending on desirable color and features of structure of hair bulb. In the course of clarification of dark hair the pigment of hair is oxidized oxygen which is emitted from peroxide, and becomes colourless. Before starting clarification of hair, it is better not to wash the head. Thanks to fat layer on hair, head skin will be able to receive small protection when coloring.
  2. Before process of clarification of dark hair, it is necessary to put on gloves.
  3. For preparation of solution it is possible to use only enameled, glass and plastic ware.
  4. Further it is necessary to prepare solution. Its quantity will depend on density and length of hair. That the painting mix was less harmful, it is possible to add to it a little shampoo.
  5. Solution should be prepared with double stock that in case of its shortage, not to come off painting. Distracting, it is possible to clarify hair unevenly.
  6. The most widespread recipe of solution for clarification of hair consists of 40 g pergidrolya, 30 g of water, one teaspoon of bicarbonate ammonium and 30 g of shampoo. Also, instead of shampoo it is possible to use liquid soap which will make solution more dense.
  7. If hair very thick and dense, then it is necessary for coloring to use 8-12% peroxide solution if average from 6 to 12%, and thin from 4 to 8%.
  8. Before coloring of hair, the forehead needs to be greased with vaseline, or children's cream.
  9. It is necessary to clarify hair by means of the brush consisting of synthetic fiber. To begin to apply ready solution it is necessary from occipital part of the head.
  10. At clarification of dark hair, solution needs to be applied at first on the ends, and then on roots. Only this way it is possible to receive uniform hair color.
  11. You should not forget that the most difficult is clarification of red hair therefore it is better to address the experienced expert.
  12. At clarification of the grown dark roots, mix needs to be applied only on roots. Not to spoil already clarified hair, it is worth avoiding hit of paint on them.
  13. Not to injure head integument, coloring can be carried out only at an interval of week.

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