How to clarify darkly dyed hair

How to clarify darkly dyed hair

If you dye hair, then know that at this procedure it is not always possible to achieve the necessary shade. For example, hair are more dark or is more red. Whether it is possible to correct error? It is more difficult to clarify darkly dyed hair, than light, but if you do not want to wait until grow new, it is possible to try to become colourless in salon or in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - citric acid;
  • - blondiruyushchy remover;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - kefir;
  • - egg;
  • - vodka;
  • - pharmaceutical camomile;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - burdock oil.


  1. If the received shade of hair not absolutely suits you, but it only slightly more darkly than the desirable, perhaps, makes sense to wait weeks two-three and more often to wash the head. Unstable paint itself also slowly can be washed away, and you should not subject hair to additional chemical procedures. It is also possible to add to shampoo or balm for hair of a little citric acid (or lemon oil), it will strengthen washing of color.
  2. Any coloring and remover does harm to hair therefore try to minimize this harm. Try to address professionals. The good master knows about hair, paints and their influence is much bigger you and will be able to make clarification in the sparing way.
  3. To do smaller harm to hair, it is possible to try to clarify only their part by means of highlighting. Your head of hear will look lighter and the turned-out play of color can be pleasant to you. Through some time clarify still part of hair and gradually receive shade necessary to you.
  4. For partial washing away of paint and easy clarification the hairdressers use blondiruyushchy remover as a part of which are available blondoran, water, oxidizer and shampoo. This mix is applied on dry hair and surely control clarification process not to injure hair. After the procedure they are washed with water, washed with shampoo and processed correctives. The remover can be bought in cosmetic shop. Try to follow the instruction strictly. If you decolour hair in stages, then after each stage wash and you dry the head.
  5. Clarification can be made also folk remedies. They, of course, will not give such fast effect as professional, but also will not cause you and your hair any harm. One of the most widespread folk remedies – lemon juice. Squeeze out couple of lemons, dissolve this juice with water and after washing rinse hair. Only do not forget that excessively lemon juice cannot be used since it dries hair.
  6. One more popular means – kefir. Its property to clarify dyed hair has been noticed accidentally since in general kefir is used for imposing of the masks allowing to accelerate growth of hair and to improve their structure, to remove excessive fat content. It is the simplest to apply kefir on hair and to wrap up them with polyethylene and towel. But it is possible to use also more difficult recipe. Take about 50 g of kefir (it is possible acid milk or curdled milk), one egg, couple of tablespoons of vodka or cognac, teaspoon of shampoo and juice of half of lemon. Shake up all these components and apply weight on dry clean hair. Cover the head with polyethylene and towel. It is necessary to hold these masks on hair about eight hours.
  7. Try to clarify also darkly dyed hair infusion of pharmaceutical camomile. On half of liter of vodka take 150 g of camomile and insist two weeks. Then filter infusion and add to it 50 ml of peroxide of hydrogen (3%). After clarification wash up the head shampoo.
  8. As clarifier for dyed hair also burdock oil is used. It is necessary to hold it on the head as long as possible, till 8 o'clock. Except clarification you will notice that your hair will become stronger and more dense. If you have oily hair, it is possible to add lemon juice to oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team