How to clarify dyed hair in house conditions

How to clarify dyed hair in house conditions

Many girls like to experiment with hair color. Sometimes there is a strong wish to change! But the situation when the hair color has turned out not absolutely, it was represented what is familiar to much! It, of course, is not really pleasant, but you should not be upset and run behind expensive removers at once – to clarify color on several tones in house conditions with application of natural masks quite perhaps.

At the moment it is known many means which can you with this problem. But let's remember for a start rules which need to be observed.

  • To prepare mask for clarification of hair, give preference to plastic tanks or ware from stainless steel, also take small strainer, cellophane gloves and of course hat.
  • Before drawing the clarifying mask wash hair, dry a little (they have to be damp) and properly comb.
  • In order that clarification took place evenly, it is better to put mask with special brush for coloring or usual hairbrush.
  • Take care of that the mask at you was enough for all length of hair that after drawing dark strips were not seen. Girls with thick hair need more mask, than subjects who has hair less.
  • After distribute mask, hair need to be collected in bunch and to pin up plastic or wooden hairpin. But never use metal hairpin!
  • Then put on hat the head. If suddenly it has not appeared, it is possible to manage usual towel. If you have not enough time, leave mask for hour, but and if you want the best result, you resemble with it not less than 6 hours.
  • After removal of mask wash hair with warm water with favourite shampoo. If the result suited not up to the end you, rinse hair camomile decoction, it will enhance effect!
  • For the best result it is recommended to do the procedure within 2 – 3 weeks.

Try various masks and you will surely find that which completely will suit you! Moreover and hair treat.

Floating around the Internet it is possible to find the improbable number of recipes, but here not all are suitable only for use if of course you do not want to do much harm to yourself. Before clarification surely define the type of hair, in that case you will easily find the recipe of mask suitable for you. And also do not ignore the recommended procedure time.

Well wash up hair with small amount of baking soda. Dry up hair towel and accurately put acacia honey. Then put on cellophane hat and wrap the head kerchief. Leave mask for 8 - 10 hours. Thanks to this mask your hair will become healthier and will get golden shade.

It is undesirable to owners of the dry and weakened hair to use juice of lemon. The mask with lemon suits the people having fat type of hair more. Squeeze out juice of one lemon and in equal proportions mix with water. Then apply on hair and leave so for some time. Lemon juice, interacting with sunshine, will make hair is lighter on 1 – 2 tone. Plus to everything your hairs will become shiny and silky.

The weakened hair need the sparing clarification. Therefore at production of mask add two tablespoons of liquid honey and three tablespoons of cinnamon to juice of one lemon. Apply this mask on moist hair, but do not rub in head skin! Cover the head with cellophane and towel for 40 minutes. Then in 3 - 4 hours wash the head. As a result your hair will become stronger and will brighten on 2 tones.

Add camomile to 500 ml of boiled water and make. Then fill in rhubarb with vinegar (about 500 ml) and warm up. Squeeze out juice from four lemons and mix everything. Add to the received solution 50 grams of liquid honey and alcohol. Properly mix everything and for half an hour apply on the moistened hair. Then wash hair warm water. Dark hair will a little brighten and will become healthier.

Take 100 grams of camomile and add to 300 milliliters of boiled water. Mix and leave to infuse within 30 minutes. Then filter and add 50 milliliters of 30% of peroxide of hydrogen. Apply this mix on all length of hair and put on hat. Wait 30 - 40 minutes and wash hair with shampoo. After such mask the brunette will be able to become brown-haired woman.

Add 1 tablespoon of camomile and 1 tablespoon of nettle to one liter of water. Then make and filter broth. Rinse with this mix hair and wrap them in warm towel for 15 - 20 minutes. Hour later rinse hair with camomile.

Take 2 tablespoons of camomile and pinch of saffron. Let's broth insist about 30 minutes, and then add juice of one lemon and couple of drops of essential oil of lavender. Apply mix on hair for 25 minutes, and then wash away cool water.

Our grandmothers very much liked to use kefir in hair care therefore there is a lot of recipes with kefir. Here one of them. Take 50 milliliters of kefir and add to it: juice of half of lemon, 1 egg, 40 milliliters of cognac and one teaspoon of shampoo. Well mix everything and apply mix on hair. Wrap hair cellophane and towel. 8 hours later wash away mask and apply balm on hair.

It is quite simple recipe. It is necessary to take 1 glass of kefir or curdled milk and to connect it about 1⁄2 tablespoons of dry beer yeast. Then to put to the warm place and to let stand within hour. Evenly apply the received mask on hair and leave approximately for hour. This mask will well cure hair and will restore their structure.

For preparation of this recipe you will practically not spend forces and money. Take peel from onions, fill in with water, and then boil. Filter this broth, and rinse with it hair. As a result your hairs will become shiny and will get copper shade. However this mask has one shortcoming, after its use there can be unpleasant smell.

For preparation of mask take dried peel of citrus and ginger, and then fill in them with hot water and leave to infuse within a day. Add to bowl of 200 milliliters of sour cream and couple of drops of lemon juice, and later pour in half of the prepared broth. Mix and apply the received solution on hair. Then put on cellophane hat the head and reel up towel. After washing rinse hair with residues of solution After regular use of such mask the hair will become golden shade and will brighten on two tones.

It is very tasty mask. For it it is necessary to take banana and eggs. To mix these products by means of the blender to homogeneous mass, and then to apply on hair. In hour wash up hair with shampoo.

Thanks to regular use of such masks your hair will become healthy and considerably will brighten. Of course it is not necessary to wait for instant result, natural masks will not give it. And after all if you awake to have patience, will be able to achieve desirable result! So be beautiful and be not afraid of experiments!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team