How to clarify freckles

How to clarify freckles

white-skinned girls with approach of spring begin to worry about how to make face freckles less noticeable, and are ready to undergo for the sake of it any cosmetic procedures. Apparently, also disliked solar specks and in old times, differently such impressive quantity of national methods of fight against them would not reach our days.


  1. Knowing that with approach of bright sunny days of freckle with new force will begin to shine on your face, try to protect the skin from impact of the sun on it. For half an hour to exit to the street you apply to skin sunblock cream with high SPF indicator and also try to carry headdresses with wide fields.
  2. Every day wipe face with lemon juice or add several drops of this juice to bleaching cream which you use. But if you have dry skin, concentration of juice needs to be reduced. It is also quite good to wash acid milk – it is suitable for any type of skin. In about ten minutes after washing apply the moisturizing or nutritious cream to skin.
  3. To skin, inclined to solar specks, the products rich with vitamin C (sourcrout, lemons, apples, blackcurrant, dogrose, etc.) are very useful. They have to be constant in your diet.
  4. You can clarify freckles, acting in two directions – by means of various cosmetics to peel upper corneal layer or to reduce production of melanin which is guilty in emergence of annoying specks. Actually, you can receive all complex of these means in beauty shop where peelings, tonics, cosmetic milk, various masks and creams are used consistently.
  5. If you have made the decision to fight against house freckles, for this purpose there are many national recipes too. So, for bleaching of oily skin the skin wiping is recommended by cabbage brine.
  6. Cucumber lotion will help to bleach skin: fill in with glass of warm water 70 g of fresh peel of cucumber and infuse mix of 6 hours, then filter. Wipe face 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening.
  7. Such broth from leaves and roots of parsley will refresh and will clarify skin: crush roots and leaves (1 tablespoon), fill in with two glasses of water. You boil about half an hour on weak fire, filter.
  8. Tincture with the bleaching effect: Small cut 50 g of parsley, mix with juice of lemon and vodka (liter floor). It is necessary to insist two weeks in the darkened place.
  9. Mix honey teaspoon with essential oil of lemon (enough 3 drops). Wet gauze napkins in mix and for about 20 minutes impose them on the skin covered with freckles. The effect will be after 15-20 such imposings.
  10. Wipe with vegetable oil skin, and then put on face gruel from strawberry for about 20 minutes. It is necessary to wash away mask warm water or infusion of lime color. It is possible to impose strawberry mask three times a week.
  11. If there is a lot of freckles also they dark, you can level a little skin color, greasing it with carrot juice in the morning and in the evening. After drying of juice rinse face with water with milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team