How to clarify hair

How to clarify hair

Clarification of hair is one of the most demanded services provided by beauty shops and hairdressing salons. But if for any reasons you have no opportunity to use services of professionals, then it is possible to perform this procedure and in house conditions especially as modern shops offer wide choice of ready sets for clarification or coloring of hair.

If the difference between initial and desirable color makes several tones, then before clarifying hair, it is recommended to try on wig with preferable shade - it can turn out that light locks will sharply contrast with your color of eyes, eyebrows, tone of skin and the general shape. Clarification of hair often does hair dry and sensitive and their repainting in case decolorization was unsuccessful, can strongly do much harm to your hairstyle.

Besides, it is necessary to remember that the clarifying structures act step by step. So, for example, color will get red-brown, red, orange, golden and yellow shades from brown-haired women until hair become absolutely fair. For this reason it is very important to carry out previously test clarification of separate lock of hair and to remember time necessary for achievement of the necessary shade.

It is not necessary to use industrial means if hair are in bad condition: their structure is damaged; there is excessive dryness and fragility; in case of recent chemical wave, clarification or coloring; in the presence of inflammatory processes on head skin. In that case more the masks for clarification of hair consisting of the natural components having medical effect will approach.

Clarification of short hair needs to be carried out as soon as possible that the prokrashivaniye was uniform and uniform. The structure is applied on roots of hair then carefully distribute on all length. It is important that indoors there were no drafts which can negatively affect quality of the procedure. Change of color is recommended to check each 5 minutes: from the site of lock delete with cotton pad structure. If the desirable shade is not received yet, by means of hairbrush the lock is returned into place, applying on it clarifier.

The procedure of clarification of hair is recommended to be finished when hair get light yellow shade since damp locks always look more dark, than actually. Otherwise it is possible to receive unnatural-white color and to worsen condition of hair. Also it is not recommended to warm the head towel or to warm up hair during clarification phenom.

The structure is carefully washed away warm water with neutral or soft shampoo, avoiding sharp movements and not massing head skin. After that apply balm conditioner on hair, leave for several minutes and accurately comb hair crest with rare teeths. When laying it is necessary to use as seldom as possible the hair dryer and other devices causing deterioration in structure of hair.

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