How to clarify hair and to remove yellowness

How to clarify hair and to remove yellowness

Cardinal change of image, including hair-dyeing in other color was the best means to get rid of depression or to begin new life for the woman always. Though experts I advise to make this operation in professional salons, especially, if it is connected with clarification of hair, but many continue to do it in house conditions. Often independent clarification of hair is followed by emergence on them ugly yellow shade of which it is also possible to get rid, knowing secrets of professionals.


  1. If your hair before clarification have been already painted, then it is necessary to get rid of the painting pigment which has remained in them. Use for this purpose the special pickling (washing-away) means. It will not be able to clarify dark hair, but will remove from structure of hair pigment which can affect shade at clarification of hair and chemical composition of dye-blonda.
  2. Spare the hair and do not use the hydrogen peroxide tablets bought in drugstore, get in specialized shop professional tool for clarification of hair. Clarifier which intensity is its part: To you the selling assistant will help to pick up 3, 6, 9 or 12%. It depends on color of your hair and their structure. Also you will be able to choose to yourself resistant dye-blond of necessary tone: caramel, honey, golden, platinum or ashy.
  3. For prevention of emergence of yellowness, correctly pick up tone of paint. For hair of warm shades cold shades of paint – platinum or ashy are used. It will help to zatonirovat yellow color, but, at house coloring, it all the same to be shown on hair over time. Buy at once special blondes shampoo which use allows to remove yellowness.
  4. Before clarifying hair be convinced that on them there are no means of styling – mousses, wax. They have to be dry and not washed at least 3-4 days, it will protect them from damage when coloring. Mix oxidizer and the painting cream according to the instruction, it is impossible to use for this purpose metal tanks.
  5. Comb hair and apply on them paint, since nape. If you want to clarify the hair only slightly, then hold structure of 20 minutes, for more intensive clarification it is necessary to sit 30-40 minutes. Then wash away paint warm water and apply balm on wet hair, it will help them to endure the got stress and to become silky and brilliant.
  6. Use the blondes shampoo every other time with the usual shampoo. The coloring shampoo concentrated therefore before applying it on the head, dissolve it with usual in the ratio 1:1. Also be ready that now you should clarify each 2-3 weeks roots of hair, especially, if your natural color – dark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team