How to clarify hair by means of cinnamon

How to clarify hair by means of cinnamon

Today there are many rather safe chemicals capable to give to hair platinum shade, but all of them result in identical result - hair become fine, fragile, split, lose length and volume. The difference between natural and chemicals is felt not at once: keeping light shade of hair for several years, the choice towards dye of natural origin will be more obvious.

Very fragrant spice which we so often use in cookery, pastries and also add to some drinks at the same time is excellent natural dye.

Safety of use of cinnamon as the painting element, is guaranteed by its natural origin. It contains the whole set of vitamins and useful microelements, such as zinc, iron, magnesium, PP, S, A vitamin.

The useful substances which are part of cinnamon besides clarification of hair, are capable to present them gloss, and to strengthen roots. Will not deprive of attention microelements and head skin, it will receive nutrients too thanks to what it is possible to speak about strengthening of roots of hair.

Preparation of mask for hair, requires the minimum set of components:

- cinnamon powder

- natural honey

- balm or hair conditioner

- deep ceramic or glass capacity

In this case, balm forms basis which will help to apply paint on hair evenly. Production of the painting structure can do to any beauty: 200 ml of balm or the conditioner, three tablespoons of grated cinnamon and 70 ml of liquid honey - such is ratio of components of future paint. As well as it is necessary, all components to mix among themselves before receiving homogeneous mass.

Before coloring, it is necessary to wash up hair with shampoo, to slightly dry up and comb them crest. After the simple procedures, it is possible to start the process of coloring which consists in uniform putting paint on small locks of hair serially. It is not necessary to rub in head skin solution, and at its hit on skin of neck and the person, to remove with cotton pad.

After completion of painting, hair have to be placed in plastic bag or special hat for 30-40 minutes. Having waited for necessary time, hat from hair it is possible to remove and hold paint on hair within 3-4 hours.

Painting by natural substances always lasts longer than chemical coloring, during this time natural component have to manage to be absorbed and give to hair necessary effect.

After washing of hair shampoo, on 2-3 tones the hair will become lighter. If to carry out the procedure of coloring every week, in month it is possible to approach image of the bright blonde noticeably. Naturally, the result in many respects depends on initial hair color.

Natural clarification by means of mask on the basis of cinnamon will strengthen your hair, will make them stronger and brilliant, and medical will help to provoke inflow of blood to hair bulbs that will only increase their volume.

Important: clarification of hair by means of cinnamon is available only to natural hair, hair after chemical coloring will not give in to clarification, or it will be absolutely imperceptible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team