How to clarify hair by means of hydrogen peroxide

How to clarify hair by means of hydrogen peroxide

Clarification of hair by means of hydrogen peroxide - quite cheap way, but very angry. It has been widespread still when means of cosmetics and perfumery were considered as deficiency. But now this way has not lost the relevance.

It is required to you

  • - hydroperit tablets;
  • - rolling pin;
  • - clean sheet of paper;
  • - enameled or glasswares;
  • - teaspoon;
  • - brush from synthetic bristle;
  • - 2 ampoules of liquid ammonia.


  1. First of all it is necessary to decide on concentration of solution which is necessary for clarification of hair. The percent of content of peroxide of hydrogen in the painting mix depends on thickness of hair, namely: for fine hair 4-8% solution, is necessary for hair of average thickness – 6-12%, for thick hair – 8-12%. Remember that the quicker hair absorb moisture, the less concentration of solution is necessary for their clarification therefore it should be reduced by 2-3% of recommended, and for strong hair the concentration is increased on the contrary by 2-3%.
  2. Now take 4 tablets of the hydroperit, put them in the sheet of white paper and put it in half. Then, pressing rolling pin, crush the tablets which are in paper. Pour out the received small kristallik in enameled or glasswares, but at all not in metal as metal will cause unnecessary decomposition of structure. Add 4 ml of warm water (4/5 teaspoons) to this mix. Thus, you have received 4 ml of 30% solution of peroxide of hydrogen.
  3. Now it is necessary to dilute the received solution with certain amount of water. For this purpose it is necessary to make proportion: 4 ml – 30%X ml – Y %, where Y – concentration of solution which you want to receive. It follows from this that X = Y % × 4 ml / 30%. Let's give example, 6% solution is necessary for you for the procedure of clarification of hair of average thickness. The proportion in this case will look so: 4 ml – 30%X ml – 6%X = 6% ×4 ml / 30% = 0.8 ml. It follows from this that for receiving 6% of concentration it is necessary to add solution of peroxide of hydrogen of 0.8 more ml of water to 30%.
  4. Pour in hydrogen peroxide solution only in 2 ampoules of liquid ammonia as the excess of liquid ammonia gives to hair reddish shade.
  5. Begin to apply this painting mix with brush from synthetic bristle. If you decolour head hair, then solution needs to begin to be applied from nape, evenly distributing on all length of hair then it is necessary to hold mix of 10-15 minutes and if you decolour on body, then 3-5 minutes. On the expiration of this time wash away hydrogen peroxide warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team