How to clarify hair cinnamon

How to clarify hair cinnamon

Any decolouring means to a degree harm hair. Safe alternative to the products doing head of hear is lighter, there will be fragrant spice – cinnamon. With its help it is possible to achieve change of hair color on two tones and more in house conditions.

  • - cinnamon;
  • - honey;
  • - hair conditioner;
  • - wooden crest;
  • - capacity for paint stirring;
  • - tablespoon;
  • - hat for hair;
  • - towel.

1. Fragrant cinnamon – available and natural means for clarification of curls. This spice not only does not destroy structure of hair, but also strengthens head of hear. However at clarification of hair cinnamon it is necessary to remember that this means can work not at once. Consider also initial color of the hair, than it is more dark, more procedures are required to those.

2. Cinnamon, safe for hair, affects pigment more slowly, than chemicals. The maximum result for the procedure of clarification – two tones. Therefore for achievement of the best effect it is necessary to repeat cinnamon clarification. Fortunately, spice well influences roots of hair, in general improving their state.

3. Women have begun to clarify hair cinnamon since antique times. As a rule, honey also is involved in all clarifying recipes with spicy spice. It strengthens action of cinnamon. Before coloring choose capacity from glass, plastic or tree, porcelain. Mix cannot be mixed in metal capacity – this material causes oxidation. Hair can get greenish shade.

4. The most popular recipe of clarification of hair with cinnamon assumes use of hair conditioner. Mix about 200 ml of means from 70 ml of honey. The product has to be rather liquid. Cinnamon needs to be added to mix in number of 3 tablespoons. It is optimum dose of spice for short hair, for long volume is required to be increased. Carefully stir paint to uniform state.

5. Before clarification by cinnamon wash up the head habitual shampoo and comb the dried-up locks wooden crest. Completely it is not necessary to dry up hair. Then apply cinnamon mix on locks on all length, trying to paint over roots as much as possible. It is important that cinnamon and honey paint did not get on face skin – it can cause irritation.

6. Do not rub the clarifying mix in hair or head skin. Leave it for impact on half an hour, previously having put on cellophane hat and having wrapped up the head with towel. In 30 minutes the towel needs to be taken off – it is not required to warm the head any more. Further it is worth keeping paint within 3-4 hours. The there will longer be influence time, the more intensively there will be clarification.

7. After keeping of cinnamon paint wash away it warm water. It is desirable to rinse hair camomile infusion. The remained cinnamon grains in locks need to be combed out crest. After the procedure of coloring the hair will become not only are lighter, but also silkier, strong. It is possible to carry out clarification with cinnamon once a week before achievement of the necessary shade of head of hear. This paint will not destroy hair, but will provide them with nutrients, will present pleasant aroma.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team