How to clarify hair henna

How to clarify hair henna

Many people are quite happy with that hair color with which their nature has awarded. And for those who want to change special means for coloring of hair are created. There is opinion that men prefer blondes more. Therefore many girls try to clarify the hair. For this purpose perfectly white henna will approach.

It is required to you

  • White henna, hot water, shampoo


  1. Before clarification it is necessary for you will get acquainted with medicine with which you awake to clarify hair, namely with white henna. It is chemical dye therefore you should not think that it is relative of natural henna. It so is called because at its production sometimes add natural henna. This very effective remedy for clarification, but will suit not everyone. Very often at its inept use there is strong burning, the probability of strong injury of hair is high, sometimes reaches hair loss large numbers. And besides, there is opportunity to get skin burn therefore it is necessary to read very attentively all instructions if you were going to clarify hair.
  2. To clarify hair, it is necessary to prepare at first mix for coloring. For this purpose to stir the necessary amount of powder of henna (the quantity is calculated, proceeding from length of hair) in hot water before receiving dense smetanoobrazny gruel. To strengthen effect of henna, put vessel with this gruel on water bath, that is in other vessel with hot water.
  3. When henna a little cools down, apply it on moist hair. It will be difficult. To facilitate task, it is possible to add to mix for coloring a little shampoo. After drawing it is desirable to wrap the head in towel. That not to soil it, wrap hair cellophane.
  4. Mix on hair it is necessary hold so much time that the necessary shade has turned out. About dependence of shade on time of continence it is possible to esteem on package of henna. It is necessary to wash away paint large amount of water. It is desirable day three after clarification not to wash the head with shampoo.

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