How to clarify hair honey

How to clarify hair honey

Often in pursuit of beauty of the girl resort to the means doing harm to our hair and head skin. Desire to become the lovely blonde forces to use various chemical clarifiers. As a result - the spoiled hair which should be recovered long. At the same time it is possible to clarify hair it is possible also without chemistry. You will be helped with it by superuseful and widely known product – bee honey.

It is required to you

  • - honey,
  • - lemon juice,
  • - burdock oil.


1. It is possible to clarify hair on couple of tones honey without harm, and the effect of such procedure is akin to lamination: hair look well-groomed and brilliant. Consider that this way will suit only girls light by nature, brunettes should not expect such procedure. Effect of the clarifying reagent emitted by honey reminds hydrogen peroxide "work", but honey influence is very useful for hair and head skin. Honey contains large amount of minerals and useful microelements.

2. To clarify hair honey is rather easy way. Any honey will approach, but it is considered the best of acacia flowers. Liquid honey is applied on the moistened hair on all length. Hair are covered with film and wound with the warming cap or towel. Such mask about 9 hours therefore it is the best of all to do this procedure for the night is maintained. Rinsings of hair camomile flowers decoction will help to increase the clarifying effect of honey. Before the procedure it is recommended to carry out peeling of the head. This washing of the head with shampoo to which table salt is added.

3. To clarify hair honey it will turn out more effectively if to mix it with other components. Honey works better when it works together with other natural clarifiers. Prepare structure from couple of tablespoons of honey, add as much some lemon juice and one spoon of burdock oil. Pound mix and evenly apply on hair. The mask is maintained about an hour then wash away water.

4. Honey masks are washed away very easily, and effect of such procedure - the shiny magnificent hairs clarified on several tones. Contraindication to such type of clarification is availability of allergy to honey if it is absent, then the procedure can be carried out rather often (2-3 times a month).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team