How to clarify hair over upper lip

How to clarify hair over upper lip

Undesirable face hair can become the real problem, to delete them so troublesome, and the result not always remains impressive - irritations, reddenings, allergies are frequent. Hair over upper lip can quite be clarified, and they will become almost imperceptible. You can without serious consequences and easily clarify hair over lip each two weeks. So, we learn to clarify undesirable hair!


1. Prepare skin for the forthcoming procedure. For this purpose wash up face with soft ph-neutral means, carefully rinse and wipe by means of terry towel.

2. Prepare the clarifying mix, carefully following instructions in the instruction. For this purpose mix powder and cream activator in the specified necessary proportions, carefully stir before total disappearance of lumps. Weight has to become ideally white and rather dense consistence.

3. It is very important to carry out the special test for allergy approximately per day. For this purpose you should apply the clarifying cream to sensitive skin behind ear or to elbow bend inside. If this procedure has not caused reddening or the nagger - safely use mix and on face. In the return case you risk to become the owner of bright red and very noticeable strips over lip. And it, you see, is much worse than mustache!

4. Apply rather fat nutritious cream on area which you do not want to mention, but which is located closely to clarified. On area where undesirable hair grow, it is worth putting the clarifying weight so that it densely covered hairs on all their length.

5. How to count time which needs to be sustained for full clarification of hair? Begin with smallest specified in the instruction or on packing. After its expiration just take small stick shovel from set, remove a little structure from hair and look whether they were clarified till desirable color or not.

6. When hair finally are clarified to imperceptible to shade eye, carefully wash away paint from skin cool water, wipe skin the getting wet movements (it is impossible to rub - the irritation can appear) and apply the nutritious calming cream. Try not to do the fruit masks or masks containing acids and within 1-2 days use exclusively hypoallergenic cosmetics without dyes and fragrances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team