How to clarify hair, without having spoiled them

How to clarify hair, without having spoiled them

Clarification of hair - the difficult procedure. Hair under the influence of chemical paint can become dry, rigid and fragile. It is important not to allow their damages and to use only harmless natural structures.


  1. You will give to hair light shade by means of clarifier on the basis of camomile. Its preparation will not take a lot of time. Buy camomile raw materials in drugstore and you will create solution in proportion of 200 g of dry plant on two glasses of vodka. Draw the received means within week. Add the made henna. Continue to infuse mix two more weeks. Filter tincture and daily grease hair, the desirable effect will not be reached yet.
  2. Clarify hair, having applied house honey mask. Soften hair, having rinsed them the usual shampoo mixed with pinch of salt and soda. Dry them and put honey. Cover the head for the night with scarf, and wash away warm water mask in the morning. Over time you will achieve light shade of hair.
  3. Use such natural clarifier as lemon. Apply fresh lemon juice on hair and take solar bath. In interaction with each other sunshine and juice of lemon give excellent effect of clarification therefore safely you apply mask before campaign on the beach. However it is necessary to remember that at repeated application of this way you can damage structure of hair.
  4. Prepare the decolouring structure, having mixed 20 g of camomile and calendula, juice from 4 lemons, 50 g of honey, 30 g of roots revnya, 50 g of alcohol and spoon of vinegar. Add a little water if the turned-out mask is too dense. Weld on slow fire. This mix is suitable for daily drawing on hair for their clarification.
  5. Clarify hair by means of means on the basis of quality cognac. Mix two tablespoons of this hot drink from 50 g of kefir, crude egg, juice of lemon and teaspoon of your shampoo. Apply the received means on hair and leave for 8-10 hours then wash away. So you will be able to receive desirable light shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team