How to clarify hand hair hydrogen peroxide

How to clarify hand hair hydrogen peroxide

problem which brunettes face generally are dark hand hair. Use of the razor and other mechanical means for their removal leads to the fact that hair begin not only grow quicker, but also become more rigid. Optimal variant in such situation it is possible to call clarification them hydrogen peroxide.

It is required to you

  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - liquid ammonia;
  • - hydrocarbonate sodium powder;
  • - glasswares;
  • - fat cream.


  1. Get in drugstore bottle with 30 percent solution of peroxide of hydrogen and packing with liquid ammonia ampoules (ammonia solution). If in the house there is no soda, then and buy it in drugstore (hydrocarbonate sodium powder is called).
  2. Before starting clarification of hair on hands by means of hydrogen peroxide, read warning signs on bottle with this means. Attentively study them and be ready that this substance – very strong oxidizer and can injure skin.
  3. In glass or china (it is the best of all in tall glass) dissolve the concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution with warm water. For this purpose mix liquids in equal quantities. Do not use the concentrated solution at all, you can get burn!
  4. In other ware (in this case the porcelain bowl will approach more) mix 50 ml of the prepared hydrogen peroxide solution with contents of two ampoules of liquid ammonia. Add one teaspoon of powder of sodium of hydrocarbonate to the received mix.
  5. You do not hurry to apply the received reagent on all surface of skin of hands at once. At first check it for allergic reaction. For this purpose apply on bend of hand with light touch of porcelain spoon one droplet of mix and wait 10-15 minutes. Start clarification of hair only in case of lack of reddening and severe itch of skin.
  6. The same spoon grease hair on hands with the received mix. Remember that you should not rub reagent in skin and that especially gentle sites were not damaged, apply on them fat cream.
  7. Wait for result about one hour. Be ready to easy pricking or burning, but if it amplifies and will become intolerable, immediately wash away mix from hands, without waiting for the expiration of the put time.
  8. After one hour wash away the applied mix from hands by means of warm water, so unpleasant feelings will be less and skin will not redden.
  9. Surely apply on the processed sites of skin cream, best of all intended for children.
  10. Be ready that the skin on hands during couple of days will be a little lighter in those places where hair were clarified.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team