How to clarify pigmental spots

How to clarify pigmental spots

Throughout all life of the woman very attentively and sometimes captiously treat various defects of the skin, trying to get rid of them and, whenever possible, to prevent their emergence. Pigmental spots which in most cases signal about approach of old age are especially unpleasant.

It is required to you

  • - Lemon juice, vinegar, horse-radish, rosemary oil;
  • - fresh cucumber;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - curdled milk, white clay;
  • - dogrose broth, oatmeal;
  • - train.


1. Address to beauty shop. There it is possible to undergo safe procedures of elimination of pigmental spots: - laser treatment – very expensive procedure, has no contraindications and allows to get rid completely within 1-3 months of pigmental spots; - cryotherapy – processing of sites of skin with excess pigmentation by the freezing substances for some time. Owing to the procedure skin on the processed sites can lose ability to develop pigment; - dermabraziya – skin "grinding" by brush at great speed that can cause temporary reddening and peeling of the processed site; - the chemical peeling – gradual clarification of pigmental spots by means of chemicals, becomes only under observation of the cosmetologist specially prepared solution.

2. Try to clarify pigmental spots in house conditions. Mix on half of teaspoon of juice of lemon and vinegar, full teaspoon of horse-radish and 3 drops of oil of rosemary. You apply mix with daily cotton tampon on pigmental sites of skin.

3. Wipe daily pigmental spots with lemon juice. At sensitive skin it is possible to prepare water solution of lemon juice from 100 g of water and 10 g of lemon juice. Use solution as tonic.

4. Apply the cosmetic bleaching creams and masks which are picked up according to type of skin and sensitivity.

5. Grate fresh cucumber and do cucumber mask or wipe daily pigmental places with the cut fresh cucumber.

6. Masks with curdled milk or sour kefir gradually clarify and refresh skin. If there is opportunity, add white clay to curdled milk – it will improve effect.

7. In two tablespoons of strong broth of dogrose make one spoon of oatmeal, in warm look apply to skin.

8. Bathtubs with train give good effect if pigmental spots have appeared on body.

9. The resistant and fast result is yielded by application of the external bleaching means in complex with intake of the polyvitamins and means regulating work of liver.

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