How to clarify red hair

How to clarify red hair

By scientists it is proved that the woman almost always cardinally changes hair color if in her life there was any important event, or it is only going to change something. Then coloring in other color is certain preparation for the forthcoming changes. Only 10% of women change image just like that. Very often, aiming at beauty and sexuality, ladies clarify head of hear. Sometimes it is hard to make it as the natural hair color consists of certain combination of black-brown and red pigments. During decolorization (oxidation of color pigment), only the first pigments quickly break up, red it is very difficult to decolour. How it is correct to turn from the fiery beast into the gentle blonde?


  1. Estimate condition of your hair. It is necessary to treat seriously this point, if you decide to paint the weak, damaged locks, then risk to be left in this case without hair absolutely, as damaged, they can not transfer the tough procedure of clarification and begin to break off on all length. Estimate condition of hair by the following criteria: - availability and percent of gray hair; - whether hair have been earlier painted; - condition of tips; - dryness of hair; - sensitivity of hair. If your head of hear hardly gives in to coloring, once once again all pros and cons weigh. Red hair usually thin on the structure therefore it is very easy to spoil them, and here process of restoration is very long.
  2. Decide on the decolouring means. If you have such opportunity, then it is better to carry out the procedure of clarification of red hair at the hairdresser. If you have decided to turn into the blonde of the house, then consult with the expert what decolouring means will be the most suitable for you. For clarification of red hair most often it is necessary to hold not one, but two procedures therefore only the professional hairdresser will be able to help you to make choice.
  3. Correctly you apply the decolouring structure on hair. It is the first stage of transformation into the blonde. The clarifying means is applied on dry dirty hair, since the most dark sites: from occipital area. If the ends dry, it is necessary to paint them in the last turn. Same most touches temples. Mix is left on hair from 20 to 50 minutes, depending on what rates coloring will go. If after the first clarification the red pigment of hair not up to the end was oxidized, then it means that you need repeated clarification which can be carried out not earlier than in 2 weeks. During this time the structure of hair will a little be restored.
  4. Paint hair after clarification in the necessary shade. It is the second stage of decolorization. It is carried out when initially red head of hear under the influence of blondiruyushchy means became yellow or pale yellow. The tinting means or soft bezammiachny paint is applied on hair. If hair strongly yellow, then it is better to choose natural light shades of paint with golden gloss. The yellowness is neutralized by coloring shampoos with lilac pigments which are applied on clean damp locks literally for 3 minutes, and then are washed away.
  5. Look after the clarified hair correctly. To become the smart blonde with beautiful hair, it is necessary to begin strongly and to look after regularly them after decolorization. For washing use only special soft shampoos. Conditioner and protective indelible creams and sprays - all this has to be at you near at hand. Do not forget to do several times a week the restoring masks: natural or industrial production. Only at good leaving the clarified hair will perfectly look and draw attention with the gold or platinum gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team